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Photo of Doug Aberle
Director and Principal ConsultantMarple Bridge Pty Ltd T/A: Subiaco Counselling and MediationPsychotherapist, Consultant and Coach
Home Suite 2&3, 114 Churchill Ave, Subiaco WA 6008 Work Phone: +61 417 937 727Website:

Biographical Info

Doug’s Psychotherapy practice is focused on supporting movement to healing and choice through increasing awareness. This allows the natural movement to health to emerge from tapping into the client’s own internal wisdom. He has a diverse range of clients encompassing corporate executives, fellow therapists, couples and individuals. The powerful, long term effectiveness of his therapy is such that almost all of his work is a result of referrals from satisfied clients.

Recognising the profound and often debilitating impact of trauma on many of his clients and the tendency for this to impede their ability to respond to their own impulses toward health, Doug trained in TRTP and has seen dramatic positive impacts on clients as a result of using this ground-breaking intervention.

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Photo of Sally Ahearn
Owner / ManagerSafe Haven Hypnotix
Home Sunshine Coast QLD AustraliaWork Phone: 0410 000 880

Biographical Info

Hello, my name is Sally Ahearn and I am one of the TRTP Team Specialists…I am a leading and innovative Hypnotist who works with men, women and teens, all of whom come from diverse backgrounds. I work with the homeless through to CEO’s of large corporations. The Richards Trauma Process has no limits. It is a revolutionary, eloquent and easy, 3-step process which helps human beings…. Full Stop! TRTP takes you and/or your loved one/s through to the other side of Mental and/or Physical distress and although outcomes may differ from person to person, TRTP is utilized in a very safe, effective and fast manner.

And here’s the best news: You don’t need to re-live the events of the past that traumatized you in the first place!


Below is a list of common questions my clients answer ‘YES’ to. If you relate to some of the statements below, The Richards Trauma Process may help you too!

Do you feel anxious?

Do you feel guilty?

Are you frozen in grief?

Do you feel numb to life?

Have you got low self-esteem?

Are you terrified of being alone?

Do you startle easily to noise?

Do you have trouble sleeping?

Do you suffer from flashbacks?

Are you terrified to leave your home?

Do you get easily overwhelmed in crowds?

Are you extremely nervous & apprehensive?

Do you suffer from anger / blackouts / rage?

Do you lack motivation to do anything?

Do you struggle to find pleasure in your life?

Does your heart pound from your chest for no reason?

Do you wear a good mask but struggle underneath?

Do panic attacks over take you out of the blue?

Do you use alcohol, drugs, etc to avoid day to day life?

Are you easily confused then find it difficult to make basic decisions?

I am the founder of Safe Haven Hypnotix and I am here to help YOU…

My unique, no-nonsense yet compassionate approach will support you every step of the way as I assist you with your individual situation. I use the wonderful TRTP process to complete all three sessions along with my wealth of knowledge and life-experience.

Clients share that they feel ‘stuck & trapped’ inside their distress. They ‘feel it’ on many levels as ‘it’ appears to take over, often consuming every aspect of their lives. Many clients explain that they have never shared the way in which they truly feel with family, friends and work mates. I hear time and time again that many people have secretly lived a life full of internal anguish and misery, often over prolonged periods of time…. For most, they state that they feel isolated and misunderstood as they sit in silence or jump from one health professional to another to no avail. For many clients, much of their pain eases or stops altogether after they experience 3 – 4 sessions of TRTP.

A little about Sally:                                                          

I have a vast background in nursing, both in Victoria and in Queensland, Australia. I have worked in general hospitals, long term rehabilitation centers, geriatric nursing homes and units for adults and children with both physical and mental disabilities. I also have extensive experience working in Allied Health Departments ranging from long term Burns Units, Amputee Clinics through to Head Injury Units and Psychiatric Wards.

Since 2005, I have combined various techniques and studied different modalities ranging from Neuro Linguistic Programming, EFT, Reiki, Time-Line Therapy™ through to Clinical Hypnosis and of course my background in nursing and Allied Health. All of this training and experience has been extremely beneficial, however, when using The Richards Trauma Process TM, I often witness a depth of healing and positive change that seems to appear right before my eyes. At the end of the third session and often well beforehand, clients explain that they ‘feel’ a sense of Calmness, Clarity and Safety knowing that this is the start of living more productive lives.


Take Action Now:

Contact me via my email address; or send me a text on

0410-000-880 and I will get back to you ASAP. Please allow up to 24 hours for me to respond to your message due to world-wide time zones. It costs nothing to have a chat.

If this feels right for you, you can start healing with TRTP in a relaxed rain forest Safe Haven or via video conferencing facilities such as Skype or Zoom from anywhere around our planet. And finally, by the end of the third session clients often tell me as they smile:

‘I now feel SAFE knowing that ‘it’s’ all finally over.’

There are 2 important requirements; You must be able to speak and understand good English and if you are using video conferencing it is important to have a reliable internet connection.

Note: Confidentiality is assured at ALL times when resolving issues with Safe Haven Hypnotix.

Feel free to check out our TRTP Face Book Page and read a letter I wrote of how I met and nursed Judith Richards, the creator of TRTP, when she was indeed very sick. It explains, in depth, how shocked I was to witness, first hand, her remarkable journey of self-healing. Over a very short period of time I observed Judith’s remarkable full recovery, hence the reason I became a TRTP Specialist.


My Qualifications:

TRTP Trauma Specialist – Clinical Hypnotist – Quit Smoking Specialist – Creator of The Ciggy Buster System – Trainer of Neuro Linguistic Programming – Enrolled Nurse (EN) Allied Health Assistant – Reiki Master – Avatar Master

Areas I Specialise in:

Anxiety – Depression – (Black Dog) – Post Traumatic Stress (PTSD).

Disease – Illness & Injuries – Death & Dying – Grief & Loss.

Survivors of Natural Disasters – Bush Fires – Drought – Floods – Earthquakes – Tsunamis.

Farmers & Families – Accidents – Work Related Stress – Financial Stress.

Victims of Domestic Violence (for Males – Females – Children & Relatives of DV)

Anger & Rage Issues – Losing Control – Panic Attacks – Blacking Out – Isolation.

IVFFertility Issues – Natural & Cesarean Fears – Fear of Past Birthing Complications.

Bullying – Cyber Bullying – Internet Gaming Addiction – Internet Pornography Addiction.

Feeling Terrified going to School – Not Fitting In – Better Grades – Confidence at School.

Hostage Situations – Being Stalked – Sexual Assault – Survivor’s Guilt.

Night Terrors – Poor Sleep Patterns – Flash Backs – Fear of Being Alone.

LGBTQI Community – Marriage Inequality – Trauma – Non Acceptance.

Religious Injustices – Church Sexual Assault & Abuse – Cults (Help 4 Families)

Smoking Cessation – Gambling – Alcohol – Drugs. (Help 4 Families of Addicts)

Self Esteem Issues – Teenage Issues – Feeling Numb – Self-Harm – Cutting – etc.

Fear of Failure – Feeling Hopeless – Increase Confidence – Loss of Job/Redundancy.

Fear of the Legal System – Testifying in Court – Preparing to Fight Legal Cases.

Fear of Medical Procedures – Surgeries – Hospitals – Dental Procedures.

Car Accidents – Re-living Traumatic Memories – Confidence in Driving Again.

Sporting Performance & Excelling @ Professional & Amateur Levels.

Swimming – Tennis – Golf – Weight Lifting – Running – Bike Riding – Dance – etc.


People I Regularly Help:

Defence Force Personal & First Responders (PTSD)

Fire Fighters – Paramedics – Nurses – Police Force.

High Profile People Struggling in Silence – People concerned with Anonymity.

Teens & Adults having Suicidal Thoughts.

Miners (Fly In / Fly Out) – Isolation – Feeling Stuck – Addictions.

Domestic Violence…. Both Men, Women & Families.

Mums & Dads wanting to have a Baby – IVFBirthing Fears.

Actors & Musicians…Struggling with Anonymity & Identity Issues.

I look forward to meeting you soon,


Sally Ahearn


Ps. If your condition is not listed above please contact me to discuss your situation further.




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Home 67 Burns Bay Road Lane Cove Sydney NSW 2066 AustraliaHome Phone: 0438 355 456Website:

Biographical Info

Psychologist / Psychotherapist

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Photo of Belinda Bannerman
Owner / DirectorFamily Violence Recovery
Home Inner North Melbourne Fitzroy Vic AustraliaHome Phone: 0448 226 449

Biographical Info

Belinda has over 17 years experience working with survivors of family and domestic violence and sexual assault. She has worked directly with women, adolescents and children in refuges escaping violence, crisis services, outreach services, as a counselor and case manager. All of this experience and insight informs her understanding of the unique impacts of family and domestic violence, and what some clients have described as ‘like living in a war zone, terrorized in your own home’.  In particular, she is aware of how the actions of a perpetrator of domestic violence deliberately erode a ‘sense of self’, personal confidence, individual power and autonomy in their victim.

After many years of working in crisis services and training in different therapeutic approaches, Belinda has carefully selected TRTP as the trauma modality she uses.  This is because she has found TRTP to be the most empowering, effective and quickest way of assisting people to move beyond surviving – to the freedom of thriving. All without having to relive it or retell it.

Belinda is deeply passionate about how TRTP has relovolutionised how women can rebuild who they are, without having to undertake years of painful and often, retraumatising therapy. Recovering from living in fear and being controlled can happen sooner than you think.

While TRTP resolves the trauma from the past, it also builds a road map for the future. No more abusive and controlling relationships, as Judith’s powerful process works at the deepest level to eradicate the patterns of the past. It truly gives you back your power. For a survivor of trauma, this literally changes your life.

Belinda has experience in working with the LGBTQI community, and understands the additional levels of complexity that may impact on LGBTQI clients. She has also supported clients in same-sex abusive relationships. She offers a safe, supportive environment for all, and works with a non-binary gender framework.

In addition to her Private Practice as a TRTP Trauma Practitioner, Belinda also trains and supervises other professionals in working with Family violence and Sexual Assault, at the Domestic Violence Resource Service Victoria.

She sees clients in her rooms in Fitzroy and also online.  Call today or email for more information and a brief chat about how she can assist you to reclaim your life.

TAE; BA (Youth Affairs); EFT and TRTP Practitioner; DipMgt


Areas of interest:
Family and Domestic Violence – Sexual Assault – Childhood abuse – LGBTQI issues – Coming Out – Trans & Gender Identity – Anxiety – PTSD -Adolescents.

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Photo of Mr Clinton Batty
Principal PsychologistCentre Peace Psychology
Home 19 Main Street Blackburn VIC 3130 Cell Phone: 0400 066 100Website: Centre Peace Psychology

Biographical Info

Clinton is an accredited psychologist with the Australian Health Practitioners Regulation Agency and a fully registered member of the Australian Psychological Society.  He has worked as a psychologist for over 20 years in several different settings, including Relationships Australia, Rehabilitation and Education.  For the past 14-years he has worked as the Principal Psychologist in Private Practices in the Knox and Rowville areas.

Prior to this, Clinton trained and worked as a Naturopath for 13 years.  This enables him to have a more holistic approach when dealing with mental health issues.  His focus in counselling is to develop a collaborative relationship with clients to encourage them to become actively involved in implementing change in their lives, and to assist them to become more emotionally resilient.

Clients have remarked that Clinton brings a unique energy, enthusiasm and humour into each session.  This, together with his ability to establish rapport, provides clients with a supported, safe and nurturing counselling environment.


Having worked for years in CBT and Mindfulness, Clinton became concerned about the rate of progress clients were achieving using these modalities.  This led him to investigate the TRTP process.  It has revolutionised his practice as it has enabled clients, committed to change, to achieve effective outcomes a whole lot quicker, and to break free from the debilitating impact of their symptoms and/or their past.

The most common conditions treated include:

  • Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Phobias and OCD
  • PTSD
  • Depression and Bipolar disorder
  • Relationship and communication problems
  • Substance abuse
  • Gambling and other on-line addictions
  • Sleep Disorders and Stress Management
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Photo of Dr Dinah Blunt
Anaesthetist and Hypnotherapist
Home Holy Spirit Northside Hospital 27 Rode Rd Chermside QLD 4032 AustraliaWork Phone: 07 3359 7011

Biographical Info

Dr Dinah Blunt is a specialist Anaesthetist and Hypnotherapist with a special interest in medical phobias (needle phobia, procedural anxiety, MRI/CT claustrophobia), awareness under anaesthesia, and pain management.  She also provides outstanding wellness coaching for diabetes, hypertension, smoking cessation, weight loss, and pregnancy.



MB ChB (Birmingham ) 1988

FANZCA (Melbourne) 1998

Cert Pain Med (ANZCA) 1998

NLP Master Practitioner and Hypnotherapist 2014

TRTP 2016


Professional memberships

  • AMA
  • ASA
  • APS
  • AHA
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Photo of Rosemary Boon
PsychologistLearning Discoveries
Work Baulkham Hills Sydney Work Phone: 02 9637 9998Website:


Areas of Interest

Neurofeedback training, Medical Hypnosis, Diet and Nutrition for those with Learning Disabilities, ADHD, Autism, Anxiety, Depression, Head Injury, PTSD, trauma, working memory issues.

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Photo of Carol Buchanan
OwnerMoveon Counselling, RN
Home 61 Hutchinson Street Mount Barker SA 5251 AustraliaHome Phone: 0429 922 765Website:

Biographical Info

My journey as a therapist began after qualifying as a registered nurse over 23 years ago. Over this journey I have supported people to manage their chronic health conditions. However, it became apparent to me that to truly help people make long term changes I needed to help them address their psychological needs as well as the physical.

Society often views people as being weak if they are struggling with issues such as addictions, weight issues and mental health conditions, which often results in them feeling punished, judged and scorned. I realised that these issues often occur because of distressing life events and past trauma. I undertook a counselling diploma because I wanted to be able to understand better and make a difference.

However, it is clinical hypnotherapy and TRTP that has transformed my practice. This amazing approach is also transforming lives of the people who come to see me for this therapy because it enables them to utilise their own inner strength to make changes to their life quickly and effectively.


Are you feeling anxious, depressed, over-whelmed? Do you have health problems such as chronic pain, lethargy, fibromyalgia, gut issues, over-weight or just feel burnt out?

Did you know that past difficult life events can cause havoc with your health?

Sexual abuse, childhood neglect, bullying, being in an accident, being diagnosed with a medical condition or undergoing cancer treatment can have devastating effects on your physical and mental wellbeing. These life experiences can result in problems such as feelings of panic, low self-esteem, behavioural or personality changes. Many behaviours are an unconscious way of coping, such as addictions, rage, avoidance of social situations.

TRTP can safely turn these symptoms of unresolved trauma and lead you to release the emotions that are trapped within your body and unconscious mind, safely and peacefully.

I’m passionate about offering a safe, nurturing confidential environment and love watching people bloom and leave my office with a huge smile on their face.

When you are ready to live a full life free from self-doubt, depression, anxiety, PTSD, physical and emotional pain contact me so you can live the life you deserve. Please take your time to have a look at my website with lots more information at

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Photo of Frances Bueno
Owner/DirectorHappy & Healthy Wellbeing Centre
Home Ground Floor Metro Hotel Suite3/522 Kingsway Miranda NSW 2228 AustraliaWork Phone: (02) 9524 2471Website:

Biographical Info

Frances Bueno has attained Diploma’s in Clinical Hypnotherapy and Neuro Linguistic Programming, The Richards Trauma Process and is an accredited member of Australian Society of Hypnotherapy (ASCH).



Clinical Hypnotherapy, Dip NLP, Quit Cigarettes, Dip Aromatherapy

If trauma, self-sabotage, low self-esteem, lack of self- control and putting everyone else’s needs before your own are holding you back from being happy, feeling in control and achieving your dream figure then my expert training can re-program your mind and free you from your internal struggles.

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Photo of Jean Cannon
Managing DirectorQuit Quick Adelaide
Work 9A Quinton Ave, Tranmere South Australia 5067 AustraliaWork Phone: 08 8365 9513/ 1300883646Website:

Biographical Info

I am passionate about helping people to use their mind to heal themselves and especially to help those trapped in long term stress and PTSD to return to a calm life where they can rewrite their future free from the past. I know you can return to calm from extreme trauma and PTSD because I have experienced this in my own life. I went back to my medical roots and combined this with my deep understanding of how cells (including all the cells in our bodies) behave and learned NLP and Hypnotherapy to enable me to help clients use their minds to heal themselves.


Areas of Interest

Trauma, stress, PTSD.

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Home 10 Dale Street Brookvale Sydney NSW 2100 Work Phone: 02 9905 7444

Biographical Info


15-20 years counselling experience

Helping you to be free from harmful effects of stressful events through TRTP.

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Photo of Renee Catt
Transformational Relationship Therapy and CoachingMoving Mindsets
Work 201 East Boundary Rd East Bentleigh Melbourne VIC 3165 AustraliaCell Phone: 0408001007Work Phone: 0395705305Website:

Biographical Info

Did you know that what we don’t repair, we repeat.  Most of us didn’t take a course in relationships or graduate from Relationship University.  Did you also know that while 50% of first marriages end in divorce, it’s actually more than 60% of second marriages that end in divorce also.  The real cost of a bad relationship breakup, separation and divorce can show up in many ways.  Not only losing time with your kids and dividing assets and friendships. Many people’s mental health suffers from experiencing high levels of stress, depression and anxiety, losing focus at work can even cause some people to lose their jobs.  Not only that, but lose their will to live.

Before your marriage ends I help you repair and reconnect with your partner or help you get ‘unmarried’ and separate successfully so that your children don’t suffer from a high conflict divorce and know they matter and are loved.

Or maybe you need the courage to leave an abusive or toxic relationship as a more empowered version of you.

During your divorce and while working with your lawyers, I help you manage your emotions and gain self control, peace and calm.

After your divorce I will help you break free from the past so you can reinvent and rediscover who you choose to be.

It took me going through my own series of broken relationships, a ‘tsunami’ of a divorce, healing from past abuse, suffering from anxiety and depression and bad habits and beliefs to create a life I thrive in.  Then to attract in an amazing partner and have an incredible relationship.

The journey starts with you and it starts from within.  This is where we get results that are fast, safe and transformational.

Renee also has a Diploma in Coaching, Leadership & Mentoring, Master Practitioner in NLP and Hypnosis, Relationship and Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner. Renee works mostly with busy executives CEO’s and high profile men and women.


Specializing in Areas of  Trauma, Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Confidence, Low Self Esteem, Grief and Loss in Relationships, Infidelity, Emotional Abuse, Sexual Abuse, Family Violence, Breakups, Separation and Divorce.

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Photo of Ms Gwenda Chapman
OwnerAAA Happier Alternative
Home 665A Freemans Drive, P.O.Box 110, Cooranbong NSW 2265 AustraliaWebsite:

Biographical Info


Psychologist in private practice since 2003.
Prior to that I was a Lecturer for undergraduate degree subjects for nursing, teaching and business students in Psychology, Human Development, Child Development, Conflict Resolution, Classroom Management, Human Relationship Skills.
B Ed (Psych) M Ed Diploma of Counseling, Registered Psychologist PS0001351640, Diploma of Remedial Massage AAMT No 18110, MACE MAPS, Medicare Provider No: 2827621Y
I am a psychologist in Cooranbong (clients from Hunter Valley, Newcastle and Central Coast), specializing in The Richards Trauma Process, dealing with Stress, Anxiety and Depression. These difficulties come in many guises:
Anxiety, Assertiveness, Crisis, Depression -Unipolar or Bipolar, Emotional Distress, Loss and Grief, Palliative psychological care, Life Transitions, Fears and Phobias, Panic attacks, Post-traumatic Stress, Marital, family and Relationship problem, Sexual Abuse & Trauma and difficulties, Addictions such as Alcohol, Cannabis, Smoking cessation, personal struggle, illness, ageing and work related issues, Sleeping difficulties, eating disorders and personal growth. I assist with issues related to Victims of Crime, accidents and natural disasters.


As a psychologist I have pursued what makes a difference, gone to many courses, and read libraries of books ( many of which were unhelpful), I have learned many interventions that make a difference, but there is a deep satisfaction that is derived from being able to utilize TRTP with my clients.
I see amazing health changes, like:

(i) the young man who was off work with severe ulcerative colitis. He said his specialist indicated it was the worst he had ever seen. This young man was able to go back to work a few days after we completed the process. The process also saved his marriage, as he and his wife were separated. Both had TRTP, and now they are delightedly expecting a child together.

(ii) A father who had childhood abuse, and the sustained
Fight Flight Freeze response had led to strained relations with his son on building sites. When that was turned off he was able to reconnect with his son, and note how competent his son really was.

(iii) The alcoholic, who came to see me severely depressed. She has been sober and well ever since TRTP was completed (more than 8 months now).

(iv) The client who came severely depressed, thrown out of her own home by her husband. The process changed her life, and she is now back with her husband, travelling Australia.

(v) I was able to attract resolution on a substantial debt, that was proceeding to court as I commenced TRTP for myself. I had used all my prior strategies to resolve the debt, for 2.5 years to no avail, but 2 weeks after I found my power with TRTP , the solicitor was handing me my cheque!

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Photo of Diane Clough
Director/OwnerChristobel Consultancy & CounsellingAccredited Mental Health Social Worker and Counselor
Home Unit 3, 94 George Street, Beenleigh Qld. Home Phone: 0414 728 884Website:

Biographical Info

In 2010 I gained my Masters in Counselling after 35 years working in a range of hospital and community settings as a social worker and counsellor.
This enabled me to consolidate my experience and develop further in areas of high complexity and need. Neuroscience and TRTP are exciting new areas that have contributed to the understanding of anxiety and trauma and offer better outcomes for people.

Areas of expertise include Anxiety and Trauma, Loss and Grief, Parenting and Family relationships

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Photo of Karen Corbett
Owner / ManagerEffective Trauma Therapy & KarenCorbettEFT
Home Northcote Melbourne Vic 3070 AustraliaWork Fitzroy Melbourne Vic AustraliaWork Phone: 0425 787 676

Biographical Info

Over the last 30 years Karen has worked with survivors of trauma in different roles. Initially, as a result of her plays and short stories about women, children and trauma, she was invited to speak at schools and deliver workshops on resilience to community groups. This culminated in an invitation to create a journal writing course for sole parents who were struggling with the effects of physical and sexual abuse. Gradually this developed into a small practice working individually with people who had experienced all kinds of trauma. Karen enhanced this work by incorporating movement and vocal techniques from her theatre practice to access trauma trapped in the body. As a result of this work she began a PhD in Trauma Studies and Theatre.

The latest trauma research reveals that trauma is stored in the body, not the event so therapies that rely on a conscious approach, such as talk therapy, can help us gain perspective on our experience but they can’t clear the felt sense of burden that lives in the body. While our conscious minds can try and steer us away from situations and people we know are harmful only trauma therapies that target trauma where it’s stored in the body can clear the heaviness and felt sense of burden that lives in the body.

Karen has researched therapies that really work and set aside her PhD in order to train in the new therapies. First she studied EFT and Havening, then chose to qualify as a TRTP therapist because it is the single most effective and rapid trauma treatment available. It works in the most inventive and subtle ways to access and release trauma from the body and achieves in 3 or 4 sessions more than other therapies can achieve in many, many sessions. TRTP not only clears the current burden of pain and distress but entirely removes the patterns of traumatic shock that keep us hooked into behaviours, experiences and people that hurt us. After TRTP we just stop gravitating to them. It does all of this gently without retraumatising, leaving us truly free.

If you would like to know more or to make a booking for TRTP, please contact Karen. She works in person in Northcote and Nth Fitzroy, Victoria and via the internet on Zoom.



TRTP Trauma Therapist

EFT Master Practitioner & EFT for PTSD & Trauma

Matrix ReImprinting

Havening Practitioner

B.A. Hons, (Uni Melb)


Workshop facilitator for the community sector and community groups: Mythic Transformations; Deep Listening – Deep Communication; Authentic Presence.

Lecturer in Creative Writing V.C.A. & University of Melbourne (1998 – 2008)

Founded the first undergraduate course in Script Writing for Theatre (Uni Melb)

Chair National Stage Committee Australian Writers Guild

Developed the first course in Theatre Directing at the CAE (Melb).

Vice President EFTAP (EFT Australasian Practitioners)

Mentor to a generation of writers, theatre-makers and EFT practitioners



PTSD; Women’s Trauma; Rebooting Creativity; Ethical Empowerment; LGBQI


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Work ACT Work Phone: 0429 902 427

Biographical Info

Hi I’m Virginia… TRTP Practitioner 


In my work as a midwife, I’ve encountered new mothers who went into parenting brimming with hope and excitement. They had read the baby books and websites. The nursery was decorated, the pram was bought … the name was picked … and then, everything came crashing down during the birth… 


From that moment, for these women, the gloss was off. This was not what they imagined they’d signed up for…  Sometimes it’s more serious than birth just ‘not going to plan’ … 

And yes, birth trauma is very real for many women. 


A third of women describe their baby’s birth as ‘traumatic’ and one in seven mothers develop post-natal depression. For six percent of Australian women the situation is even more serious. They meet the diagnostic criteria for Acute Stress Disorder or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Even more alarming, the leading cause of maternal deaths in Australia is …. Suicide. 


When birth doesn’t go to plan, sometimes it’s not as easy as just ‘getting over it’. Sometimes you find yourself still talking about it and thinking about it — obsessing over it, perhaps — for weeks, months or even years afterwards. You know it isn’t healthy, either for you or for your child. Sometimes this trauma even stands in the way of having other children. It certainly stands in the way of experiencing life fully and feeling ‘whole’. 


Symptoms of birth trauma, as with any psychological trauma may include:


  • Anxiety
  • Panic attacks
  • Phobias
  • Recurring nightmares
  • Intrusive thoughts
  • Hyper-vigilance
  • Intense sadness
  • Loneliness
  • helplessness
  • Disconnection 
  • Depression
  • Grief
  • A desire to self-harm


I watched women reach out for conventional counseling and psychological help, and there were times when those approaches just didn’t cut it. Months would pass, with little or no improvement. Women don’t have months to lose searching for a solution. 


Working as a practitioner of The Richards Trauma Process has been life-changing for the clients I help, and for me. To see rapid, lasting improvement in a mother’s emotional state, in as little as three sessions, is extraordinarily rewarding. 


I now work with women from all walks of life, from all stages of life, with all sorts of psychological issues that are causing them to feel stuck, miserable, women  self sabotaging, women experiencing anxiety, depression, self-harm, insomnia, low self esteem, grief and loss, PTSD and they too are having the groundbreaking shifts with The Richards Trauma Process ( TRTP).


When you know things can’t go on as they are TRTP may be the solution for you too like it has been for my clients. Are you ready? Are you worth it? 

I welcome any questions you may have or discuss how TRTP may be the fresh start to healing and health you’re looking for. Sessions can be face to face or via Skype. 


“Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional” 

Haruki Murakami

Areas of Interest

Women issues, anxiety, depression, grief, fears & phobias, self-harm.

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Work Orange Work Phone: (02) 6362 8349Website:


Areas of Interest

PTSD (particularly paramedics), anxiety, depression, fears & phobias, quitting smoking.

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Photo of Mary Crawford
OwnerPowerful Transformations
Home Sunshine Coast Maleny Sunshine Coast QLD 4552 AustraliaCell Phone: 0457 230 952Website: Powerful Transformations

Biographical Info

Profession : Qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist and Master NLP Practitioner

Biographical info : My background was in the corporate world but I didn’t find that particularly fulfilling and transitioned into the world of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) in 1999 and became a certified Practitioner. Since then I have obtained an Arts Degree, trained in Counselling, Meditation and Clinical Hypnotherapy with additional training in Master NLP and Coaching and obtained my Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy Modern Psychology, through Mind Academy and I am a TRTP Practitioner.

To build on my experience I have also become a member of the AHA (the Australian Hypnotherapy Association) ensuring ethical standards are maintained and ongoing Professional Development. In addition to this, I am currently studying for my second degree in Psychology.

We may suffer some kind of Grief, Anxiety and/or Depression/PTSD at some time in our lives. You don’t have to endure these symptoms for the whole of your life. I can assist you in a very safe and caring environment, as a Clinical Hypnotherapist & NLP Practitioner; as my client, we can do amazing things together in assisting you with these issues and nurture you to move forward in your life.

I can also assist you with Quit smoking and Marijuana and Weight Loss and so much more, please visit my website below)


Issues/Specialty/ Specific Interest:  Quit Smoking and Marijuana, Weight Loss, Grief, Anxiety and/or Depression/PTSD

Categories: Australia, Practitioners, Queensland
Photo of Robert Cunningham
Director/OwnerRemind Therapies
Work 1/132 Fitzmaurice Street Wagga Wagga NSW 2650 AustraliaWork Phone: 0422 614 141Website:

Biographical Info

After my own burnout there was a drive in me to find answers that will make a difference in people who have been held back from really living by their life events. So I offer a specialised therapy tailored from my experience and understanding of the pain that can be present during these issues, that helps me get to the heart of your issue, helping you to easily and effortlessly leave it in the past, therefore letting you live your best life.

When you step into my office “This is where the magic happens”

TRTP™ Practitioner

Masters in Counselling

​Master Trainer Hypnosis

Master Practitioner Time Line Therapy®

Master Practitioner NLP

Master Practitioner Hypnotherapy

Master Practitioner NLP Coaching

Certified Narrative Therapist

Ba in Theology

Making a difference in peoples lives because they matter …. I am committed to making a difference in people’s lives by helping them see new perspectives, showing them how to reclaim their personal power, and to reveal in them a feeling of strength, confidence and a sense of self belief that they can handle anything no matter what comes their way.

As our strap line says my passion is to bring people to wholeness; because people matter, and they deserve the very best. Call today .



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Home 6 Neal Street Gisborne Melbourne Vic 3437 AustraliaHome 90 Mount Charlie Road Riddells Creek Melbourne Vic 3431 AustraliaWork Phone: 0409 300360

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Accredited Mental Health Social Worker, Clinical Family Therapist


I have many years experience in Private Practice, Child Protection and Community Health.   I have been in my current Private Practice for over 8 years and have established a respectful reputation in the Macedon Ranges area.

Over the years working with clients suffering anxiety and/or depression, I identified a link between these symptoms and the client’s experience of trauma or dreadful experiences.   This led me to search for a methodology that successfully brought about change without the possibility of retraumatising my clients.

Following extensive research, I encountered The Richards Trauma Process (TRTP), a groundbreaking therapy that resolves extreme traumas and trauma related issues as mentioned above.   Since using this process, I have had amazing results with my clients who are leading fulfilling lives.

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Photo of Bronwyn Lea Davis
Founder & OwnerChoose Life HealingTRTP & Life Empowerment Practitioner
Work 268 Bull Swamp Rd, Warragul Victoria 3821 AustraliaWork Phone: 03 5626 1045Cell Phone: 0400042011Website: Choose Life Healing

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After 20 plus years working as an intuitive energy healer and guided visual meditation teacher, alongside her “day job” as a freelance journalist, Bronwyn discovered TRTP through her own healing journey. Three difficult pregnancies and births (and resulting post-natal depression), caring for her partner who suffered with chronic PTSD and 3 young children (all on the Autism Spectrum and one a T1 Diabetic), and a lifetime of dealing with her own issues of anxiety, depression, and chronic illness, including Fibromyalgia and CFS, saw her on the brink of a physical and mental breakdown in 2016. After walking out of her first TRTP session pain free and feeling energised for the first time in her adult life, Bronwyn knew she had to train in this incredible modality to become a Practitioner. From her home office in country Victoria, Bronwyn works predominantly with women, using her own story to inspire and demonstrate that it’s entirely possible to change their narrative from one of pain, grief, guilt and shame to self acceptance, love, joy, abundance and empowerment.


Bronwyn’s area of interest is in empowering women who’ve been suffering with anxiety, depression, stress, PTSD, chronic illness and pain, and extreme self worth and confidence issues for most of their life. Bronwyn is particularly passionate about helping women overcome traumatic, painful and distressing birth experiences, and looking at alternative ways to better support and guide women through this most critical time.

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Photo of Trish Dewberry
OwnerChange in Mind Counselling and Hypnotherapy
Work Brunswick, Richmond, Avondale Heights – Victoria. Brunswick VIC 3056 Work Phone: 0409 803 696Website:

Biographical Info

TRTP Certified Practitioner, Bachelor of Education (Psychology), Diploma of Hypnotherapy, Graduate Certificate Career Development, Certificate of Counselling

My experience is rich and varied and has given me the skills to work with individuals, families and groups to help them achieve their health, wellbeing and educational goals. Since becoming TRTP certified my practice has been transformed. This process has made it possible for me to provide my clients with a gentle yet profoundly effective means of healing from trauma.

Having qualified as a TRTP practitioner in 2016 I now use these skills on a daily basis to create wonderful outcomes for my clients. The robust and adaptable nature of the Richards Trauma Process makes it an effective way to treat a range of issues, and my clients report feeling energised, mentally clearer, lighter and stronger in a remarkably short space of time. In fact, usually from the first session.

My particular interests are in treating trauma, panic disorder, anxiety and depression. It is remarkable how these conditions can impact on so many aspects of our lives so treatment may also include dealing with addiction, or with relationship issues, or even with obesity.

Each individual client comes to me with a unique set of life experiences so I draw on my diverse skill set to apply a holistic approach. I have been a practising hypnotherapist for 8 years and bring many years as a Careers Counsellor, and 19 years as a Psychology teacher, to my work. This varied experience means I am able to take a broader approach to assist my clients achieve a state of mental and physical wellbeing that enhances their personal and professional success.



Areas of Interest

PTSD, Panic Disorder, Anxiety and Depression, Problem Gambling and other Addictions

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Work Wagga Wagga Work Phone: 0421 075 175


Areas of Interest

Anorexia, bulimia, trauma, anxiety, depression, fears & phobias, medical hypnosis.

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Photo of Wendy Gadsby
Specialist Hypnotherapist Certified TRTP Practitioner, NLP Master Practitioner & Certified HypnotherapistMake Changes
Home c/- 111 Durham Road, Sunshine Melbourne Victoria Work Phone: 1800760249Website: Make Changes Website

Biographical Info

Wendy Gadsby is a hypnotherapist, based in the western suburbs of Melbourne, Victoria. She runs her own business, Make Changes. Wendy says “The name was chosen because that’s exactly what I help people to do”.

Wendy has owned her own businesses before and also has business background mostly in the areas of finance and management. Wendy’s roles working for others were mostly based on result based outcomes, making improvements, and also helping others to achieve their goals – and so, Wendy says “it was easy for me to make the transition into helping people with NLP & hypnotherapy”.

As a busy mum of two teenagers, and while working way too many hours in a stressful deadline based career, Wendy says she knew there had to be something out there for her that felt more worthwhile, and that could give her a better work-life balance.

Wendy has been interested, and dabbled in using different alternative therapies and natural medicines for well over 20 years.

After a few years of her own personal journey of self-development through learning about meditation and metaphysics, by chance Wendy came across hypnosis. It struck her straight away as something she wanted to do.

Wendy established her own business and started practicing hypnotherapy part time. Eventually she chose to move away from the corporate world altogether and follow her passion full time, of doing something that supported others, and that she felt also made a very real, positive and lasting difference.

Wendy is certified and recognised as an NLP Master Practitioner and a Specialist Hypnotherapist by Quantum Change Seminars and a Practitioner of Hypnotherapy with Australian Success Academy, and is also an Associate Member of the International Institute for Complimentary Therapists.


My specialist areas started off as helping people to Quit Cigarettes and Reach their Ideal Weight, but I found more and more people were coming to me for Anxiety and Depression. With the Richards Trauma Process I am now able to help them in an even more efficient and life changing way.

It’s such a nice thing to watch the change between when a client walks in the door anxious, or smelling of smoke (or both), to walking out not only confident of their success but excited about the future, just a relatively short time later!

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Photo of Joslyn Gardiner
OwnerTransformations Coaching & Hypnotherapy
Home Capalaba Work Phone: 1300 645354Website:

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I grew up, like most people, in a dysfunction family.  I left school at 15, married at 16 and by 20 had three children.  I was repeating my parent’s life.  I knew I had to change but fear kept me trapped. The belief “I wasn’t good enough”, “I wasn’t smart enough” “who did I think I was” keep me locked into a life I hated.

These “thoughts” needed to change for me to change and I was lucky to find a mentor to help and guide me.

Overcoming my “unconscious beliefs” allowed me to go back to school, build 2 successful businesses, and travel the world.

Now I dedicate my life to assisting people to “Get Their Life Back” using Hypnotherapy, coaching and counselling techniques.   Unconscious Fear, Anxiety, Stress, Depression, PTSD, grief, pain and addictions such as smoking, emotional eating, drinking, gambling rob you of the lifestyle you deserve. Hypnosis is the fastest way to change the Unconscious Core Beliefs and resolve the past emotional events that are holding you prisoner and I have 8 years training as a Clinical Hypnotherapist to help you do it.


Adv Dip Bus Management

Dip Hypnosis

Master NLP & Hypnosis

Certified Results Coach

Clinical Hypnotherapist

Demartini Breakthrough Facilitator



My Speciality is clients with emotional eating habits, sugar cravings, overeating,

and my unique Gastric Band hypnosis coupled with “TRTP” achieves amazing results.  It’s a holistic approach using hypnosis, coaching and counselling to find the “cause”,  75% of weight gain is the result of past trauma,  to ensure that, once resolved, overeating and being overweight is no longer a problem, for life!.

Other areas:  Workplace bullying, work related stress & anxiety, Finance & business stress, Loss of direction, Fears, Loss & Grief, Goal setting, Values.

All sessions available on SKYPE

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Photo of Steve Gardiner
OwnerTransformations Coaching & Hypnotherapy
Work 6 Hansen Court Capalaba QLD 4157 Work Phone: 1300 64 53 54Skype: transformyouWebsite:

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Reading View. Alt Shift A for Accessibility Help.

Born in Harare, Zimbabwe I started my working life as an Agronomist (Crop Scientist). For the first 4 years after Uni, my work life consisted of alternating “work with farmers” with “monthly 2 week army call ups”.  I was a medic. Our country was involved in a terrorist war.  My “normal” work vehicle was an armoured jeep, I carried my medic kit and rifle everywhere.   Because it was normal, I did not understand the cause of why I was “always angry”, why “sudden sounds” made me drop to the ground or simply “freeze” or why I was always “on alert”… just watching.

I had classic PTSD and never knew it.  It took 30 years to figure it out and a lot of personal development to sort it.  Through my journey I discovered the power of hypnosis, and then The Richards Trauma Process.  TRTP changed my life and that is why I now dedicate my life helping people overcome PTSD, anxiety, stress and depression in all areas of their life.  I also assist with training new practitioners to ensure more people have access to this amazing process.



PTSD, Anger, Trauma, Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Confidence, Low Self Esteem, Pain Management, Grief and Loss, Phobias, Smoking Cessation, Panic Attacks, Family/relationship issues

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Photo of Penelope Grandy
Owner / DirectorPeace Passion Power
Work 66 Bollard Circuit Clear Island Waters Qld 4226 AustraliaWork Phone: 0434 552 704Website: Peace Passion Power

Biographical Info

Hi! I’m Penny, a TRTP Trauma Therapist based in Brisbane that specialises in working with busy, stressed professionals.

I don’t know about you but I reached a point mid-way through my life where I wondered, “Oh God, is this how my life is going to turn out?”.

Despite my beautiful family and successful career creating a fashion label in Melbourne with 50 staff, my life had been full of let downs, betrayals and painful memories that seemed difficult to shake. I suffered with crippling anxiety, fear, depression and burnout. Despite the shiny exterior, my inner world was filled with turmoil as I tried to be superwoman, and I now understand that turmoil was caused by early-life traumas.
What happened next is a big story including losing my business, home, first marriage and developing chronic fatigue, which you can read about on my website but I’ll tell you it became a slow, expensive and arduous road to wellbeing and happiness.

My life is VERY different now. I feel relaxed, healthy, empowered and excited about my life. And I am SO passionate about helping others to find their own version of happiness an EASIER, QUICKER and MORE AFFORDABLE WAY! That’s why when I came across the incredible The Richards Trauma Process, a MASSIVE light bulb came on. It really can change lives by resolving trauma and trauma-related symptoms in as little as three sessions or THREE WEEKS gently and effectively.

I’ve found that trauma comes in many disguises. It can be as obvious as the shock of a car accident, exposure to war, rape, abuse, the sudden death of a loved one, being bullied or neglected. But it can be something less obvious too.
Many of us are very good at hiding our issues and trying to maintain a normal life while being riddled with anxiety, stress, depression, panic attacks, phobias or just fear. But so many people do not realise this stems from trauma.

Many of you will recognise these feelings and think that it’s just because of your fast-paced life when in fact those symptoms can be deep rooted to something in your past that you may or may not even be aware of.
We often hold onto anger, rage, humiliation, profound sadness, shyness or perhaps a lack of self-worth without realising the damage it’s doing to our lives on a daily basis.
I am so drawn to this new therapeutic process because I know it changes lives and brings relief quickly, effectively and peacefully. It’s so rewarding for me to see clients leave my office after their third session with a huge smile on their face that arrives naturally, feeling excited about what their new world holds for them.

I encourage you to have a look at the powerful testimonials I’ve received from some of my past clients at and warmly welcome the opportunity for us to discuss how TRTP can help you.


TRTP Trauma Therapist
Mentor of Teenage students through Raise Organisation
Mentor of Alzheimer Carers through FSG
Entrepreneur and National Business Manager for 30 years
Mentor of Business women in NEIS program
Foster Mother of ten years

Issues Penny deals with:

PTSD, Anxiety, Depression, Fear, Phobias, Stress, Overwhelm
Relationship Issues
Negative patterns in life
An inability to find the happiness, fulfilment or the love you desire

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Photo of Karen Gray
Be Well. Naturally.Owner
Home East London and Lonehill Johannesburg South AfricaWork Phone: +27 0713506910

Biographical Info

Born in Zimbabwe and growing up during a war, I spent my childhood living with the threat of danger and death and tragedy were a ‘normal’ part of life. We had to move to South Africa as a result of political pressure in my late teens and from there I went on to become a Registered Nurse, working in rural South Africa before moving to Australia, studying further and working there almost 20 years before moving to France for a seachange in 2009.

Then after moving back to South Africa in 2014 and not wanting to work within a formal medical structure any longer, but still wanting to work in healing and helping people, I found myself gravitating towards hypnotherapy. Even though I saw huge benefits in it, I wanted to do something that got to the heart of things much more quickly and directly.  My journey found me on the TRTP website one day and the concept of it appealed to me so much that I got onto a plane to Australia a few months later.

As part of the training I had to undergo TRTP with my mentor and we did it online.  I was not really sure what to expect, but I felt an immediate, subtle shift in the way I reacted to comments and behaviours from people close to me that otherwise would have triggered a reaction from me.    And a deeper all round calm internally. However, it was when I arrived back in SA a couple of weeks later that I realized just how incredibly powerful and life changing TRTP actually is.

In my twenties I had lost a child after a traumatic premature delivery and although I had grieved and felt I had completely ‘dealt’ with it, almost three decades later I was still finding it impossible to deal with accidents and traumatic situations involving children without having to take a very deep breath and steel myself against the tears and the inevitable intense anxiety I felt internally.    A week after returning from my TRTP training in Australia, I had to stop at a traumatic road accident involving a young child and I was the only medical person on the scene.   To my absolute amazement, even though things were highly traumatic and stressful, I realized as I dealt with her injuries that I felt no agitation and anxiety at all during the situation.   I was totally calm and controlled.  Not a tear in sight – either during or after I had left the scene – just a clear thinking and completely together professional.

TRTP is an incredible process which so easily and simply unlocks doors  –  some of which you didn’t even realize were closed – and without any great fuss and a minimum of time, allows a smooth transition into a calmer future.    A complete ‘defrag’ and a factory ‘re-boot’.    It is quite simply an amazing process and it really does work.

Working with:  Stress, anxiety, depression, PTSD, grief and loss, self-esteem, confidence, phobias, panic attacks and critical incident professionals.


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Photo of Maureen Hamilton
Director/OwnerJoyner Health Centre and Master Your Life Power
Home 263A Youngs Crossing Road Joyner Brisbane Qld Work Phone: 1300 619 684Work Phone: 07 3882 5506Website:

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Is your life being ruled by the on-going impacts and pain of past trauma or negative events? Are depression, phobias, panic attacks and anxiety controlling your days and ruling your nights? Perhaps you have sunk into ‘survival mode’ rather than living a full, rich life which may seem impossible at the moment. Are you at a point in your life where you have given up on even allowing yourself to dream of being free from this ‘condition’?

The Richards Trauma Process™ is acknowledged by professional mental health practitioners as potentially the solution for resolving major trauma that we have all been seeking.

Maureen Hamilton is a published author, speaker; and assists people with trauma, anxiety, depression, phobias, panic attacks, addictions and so much more, utilizing her exceptional skills as a Hypnotherapist and utilizing The Richards Trauma Process (TRTP). This is an exceptional process allowing people with PTSD, anxiety, depression and other emotional issues achieve a calm and peaceful life.

Maureen has previously worked in many areas of health in Australia as well as overseas. Her health background includes training in general and midwifery nursing, mental health and children’s behavioural issues (including the effects of emotional trauma especially in children). Maureen is very much involved in promoting and assisting people to obtain optimal health and is absolutely committed to helping people change their circumstances so they can have a fulfilling life.

Are you ready for Change?

Are you anxious, fearful, depressed, traumatised?  Are you seeking a drug-free solution? Maureen Hamilton is a practitioner of The Richards Trauma Process™ (TRTP) and can step you through to the other side of your pain.
Now you can do something about your situation.
Call Maureen today on 1300 619 684 or visit for more information.


Areas of Interest

PTSD, Trauma, Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Fears & Phobias; Weight, Drinking, Gambling and Smoking Issues


Qualifications: General, Midwifery and Psychiatric Nurse; Hypnotherapist, Time Line Therapy and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Master Practitioner; Demartini Method Facilitator; Quit Smoking Specialist; Practitioner of The Richards Trauma Process (TRTP)

Categories: Practitioners, Queensland
Work Woden Canberra Home Phone: 1300 945 569


Areas of Interest

Children (Anxiety, Bullying, Self-Harm), PTSD, Addictions, ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorders, Grief and Loss (particularly sudden and unexpected death in children from conception onwards), Trauma, Anxiety, Depression, Fears and Phobias.

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Home Unit 1/44 Barnfield Road Claremont Perth WA 6010 AustraliaWork Phone: +61414953629

Biographical Info

Having practiced psychology in excess of 20 years in Government agencies, private hospital settings and now in my own private practice, I have never before felt so excited about the future for my patients. Trained in the traditional therapeutic interventions such as CBT, Mindfulness and Existentialism, I became increasingly frustrated that many of my patients struggled with sustaining the change they wanted for themselves in order to lead successful, happy and enriched lives.

Being trained in and experiencing my own personal transformation due to TRTP, I have found that TRTP has absolutely revolutionised my practice. It has enabled my patients to achieve their outcomes so quickly with no retraumatisation. In my years of clinical practice, never before have I found a process so powerful, so safe and so empowering. Do yourself a lifetime of favours by finding a practitioner that suits and start your deep healing. You will finally be able to choose to live the life YOU want to live. I feel very lucky to be able to help others achieve what TRTP has helped me achieve!


Professional Qualifications/Affiliations:

Bachelor of Psychology, Master of  Psychology(Counselling);Diploma of Education

Member of the Australian Psychological Society

Member of the Australian Health Practitioners Regulation Agency

Member of Australian Counselling Psychologists


Areas of Interest:

I work with Children, Adolescents, Adults and Couples and have experience working with 


Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Phobias and OCD;

Depression, Bipolar Disorder, Mood disturbances;

Couple Therapy, relationship issues;

Eating disorders;

Low self esteem and

Grief and loss.


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Photo of John Henry
PsychologistJohn P Henry Psychologist
Work Newtown Toowoomba QLD 4350 AustraliaWork Phone: 0402 334 150

Biographical Info

With a background in education across all levels, primary, secondary, and tertiary education, I now work as a psychologist, body psychotherapist, and TRTP Hypnotherapist and Mentor. As well, I have had training in Remedial Massage Therapy and Reiki. In 2017, I published, Little Guide to Counselling Practice, which has been quoted by a colleague as, “required reading for all students of counselling and psychology before they go on clinical placement.” As I said in the introduction to the book, this was the book that I wished I had when I was first starting out. My first five years of private practice were concurrent with employment as a visiting school psychologist. Now in my twenty-seventh year of private practice as a psychologist, I work part-time and also supervise other psychologists, counsellors, and hypnotherapists. I see Clients by Skype or Zoom



Areas of Interest

In the early days of my practice, much of my work in schools was in the area of bullying, harassment generally (staff and students), sexual abuse, and reactions to childhood trauma. Over the years, this has morphed into dealing with adult and adolescent reactions to childhood trauma, including PTSD and suicidal ideation.

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Home Suite 15, 287 Military Road Cremorne NSW 2090 Work Phone: 02 99049339Website:

Biographical Info

Counselling Psychologist -Private Practice

Dip Teach

BA (Psychology)

MA (Counselling)

Certificate Counselling and Psychotherapy

Member Australian Psychological Society

Member College of Counselling Psychologists APS

General Registration with AHPRA Psychology Board of Australia and Area of Practice Endorsement – Counselling Psychology


Areas of Interest

Mood and anxiety disorders, personality disorders, trauma, PTSD, working with adult survivors of of trauma and abuse, relationship therapy, bullying, grief and loss.

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Photo of Keith Hulstaert
OwnerSecret Path
Home Knox Health and Wellness Clinic 171 Stud Road Wantirna South Victoria 3152 Cell Phone: 0409 546 549Work Phone: 03 8805 1777Website:

Biographical Info

Keith is registered with the Australian Counselling Association (ACA) and as one of their Qualified Supervisors, works in accordance with the ACA code of ethics. He is the Human Resources Manager for Australia’s largest, privately-owned retail photographic chain. Has a keen interest in Energy Psychology (FasterEFT and EFT), Hypnosis (The Richards Trauma Process) as well as Meditation – having researched, developed and tutored a teaching training program in meditation. Keith enjoys providing courses to Professionals, Transpersonal and Holistic Counselling students as well as to the wider public.


Certified TRTP Practitioner

Certified Advanced Practitioner of FasterEFT

Cert. of EFT, Adv Cert. of EFT

HeartMath One on One Provider

Diploma of Holistic Counselling Practice

Diploma of Meditation

Cert. IV Assessment & Workplace Training

ACA Member & Qualified Supervisor

Member of EFTAP



The challenges in today’s world with its hectic pace affect men and women of all ages and backgrounds. Husbands, wives, parents and their adult children have increasing needs to find peace from difficult past experiences, memories, health issues and various emotional upsets. Keith is a stress and trauma specialist and offers non-intrusive methods to bring about dramatic changes. His aim is to make a serious difference in the shortest possible time-frame. More…

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Photo of Rosalind (Roz) Hurst
Clinical PsychologistACEFT Clinic
Home ACEFT Clinic Unit 2 / 23 Breene Place Morningside Brisbane Qld 4170 AustraliaWork Phone: (07) 3899 8590.Website:

Biographical Info


Endorsed Clinical Psychologist

Other Info:

Master of Psychology (Clinical); PostGradDip Psychology; BA Psychology

Member of Australian Psychological Society (APS) and  APS College of Clinical Psychologists; Registered provider for Medicare (with GP Mental Health Treatment Plan)  and most Private Health Funds (depending on level of cover)



I love the work I do.  I consider it a privilege to be trusted by a person to share their successes and difficulties, work together to access their personal skills, explore new approaches to dealing with old problems, take values-based committed action, and expand and blossom to fully connect with the person they really are.  Every day I am reminded of the beauty and ability of the human spirit to expand and grow.

My clients are treated with care, respect and warmth.  I work exclusively with individuals across the adult lifespan.  I love to work with men and women who have reached that stage in their life when they are ready to confront change, break the chains that have held them back, and embrace all that is good in them and around them.  To really live life.

In the course of my psychology practice, I regularly deal with underlying anxiety, depression and stress (regardless of any formal diagnosis).  These symptoms all too often relate to experiences of the past from very early life through to this moment (from minor distressing events to severe trauma).  Since becoming a certified TRTP Practitioner I have a powerful, effective, safe, and relatively speedy way to take the emotional charge from these past events, to put the past in the past, and for the body to finally know “It’s over … I’m safe”.

Now the scene is set for great things to happen.

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Work Runaway Bay Work Phone: 07 5500 5573Website:


Areas of Interest

Trauma, stress, anxiety, binge drinking, gambling, smoking.

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Photo of Mary Katis
DirectorClinical Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy Newtown
Home 3/333 King Street Newtown and Sydney CBD NSW Cell Phone: 0411 287 786Skype: marykatis111@gmail.comWebsite: http://www.clinicalhypnotherapynewtown.comWebsite:

Biographical Info

Mary is Clinical Hypnotherapist and Strategic Psychotherapist professionally registered with the Australian Counselling Association & the Australian Hypnotherapy Association.   Mary holds a BA in Counselling, Dip Clin.  Psychotherapist & Hypnotherapy, majoring in Family Therapy, Addictions, Abuse, Relationships & Greif and Loss including Masters in Neurolinguistics Programming (NLP).  Professional accreditation with the International Institute of Complimentary Therapies, and Internationally Certified Reconnective Healing Facilitator.


Issues dealt with

We provide clients with solutions on emotional and psychological concerns such as performance study skills, motivation, trauma, grief & loss, confidence, relationships, anxiety, stress, including behavioural changes such as smoking, drinking, eating disorders, fears and phobias, pain and physical ailments, insomnia, Irritable bowel syndrome and much more.  We are committed to producing results with all clients, because of our high client success rate, we include unique ongoing support with our service.  Health fund rebates are also available for specific areas.

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Home Kingston ACT 12401 Cell Phone: 0412 161 441Work Phone: (02) 62900163

Biographical Info

BA(Psych), Masters(Couns), DipEd

MAPS, Medicare Registered

25 yrs of clinical experience

I have worked extensively with the aftermath of abuse and trauma and resulting issues including anger, anxiety, depression, relationship conflict, and addictions. I work with adolescents and adults. I have had extensive experience working with Defence personnel suffering from PTSD.


Areas of Interest

Abuse, trauma, PTSD, anger, anxiety, depression, relationship conflict and addictions

Categories: Australian Capital Territory, Practitioners
Photo of Simonne Lee
Director of
Home Suite 102C |91 O’Sullivan Rd Rose Bay Sydney NSW 2029 Work Phone: 0414 388 365

Biographical Info

Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy

Certificate in Power Hypnosis

Certificate in Richards Trauma Process

Diploma in NLP

Diploma in Life Coaching

Certificate IV in Kinesiology PKP

Reiki Master

Life Strategist

· Clinical Hypnotherapist
· Life Coaching
· NLP Practitioner
· Reiki Healing


Areas of Interest

Anxiety, stress, PTSD, fears & phobias, trauma release

Categories: New South Wales, Practitioners
Work Maroubra Work Phone: 0412 615 551Website:

Biographical Info

Mary Lynch is passionate about helping people get the most out of life. We all want to lead a great life but sometimes we just get stuck or don’t know what we need to do to make things different. Naturally curious, inquisitive and a deep thinker, Mary challenges conventional thinking and generally accepted behaviours with her unique approach to looking at the world. Through her own quest to understand what makes us who we are Mary has come to realise that things are not always what they seem on the surface and if we are prepared to dig a little deeper, we can uncover some real understanding of who we are, what we can do with our lives and start to step into what we really want for ourselves and our lives.

Through her own health challenges and the challenges of her family, Mary has developed a real passion seeking the deeper meaning of who we are. The mind and body connection helps us to understand that all good health whether it’s in our physical body or in the way that our life is, comes from within us. Our outside world is a reflection of our inwards thoughts and beliefs. When we understand what is happening within us, we are able to create a wonderful life for ourselves.

Any type of therapy is deeply persona, Mary conducts herself professionally ensuring strict confidentiality at all times. Her gentle and caring nature will support you through your journey but it that doesn’t mean that she’s a pushover! Mary has a natural connection and interest in people which immediately helps them to feel at ease and to feel supported. She has studied multiple different healing approaches which are combined during each of her sessions helping to create a deeper, richer and more robust therapy session.



Areas of Interest

Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Phobias, Children and Women issues.

Categories: Mentors, New South Wales, Practitioners
Work Northern New South Wales & Lower Gold Coast Work Phone: 0452 256 723Website:


Areas of Interest

Trauma, Anxiety & Stress Management, Depression, Weight, Stop Smoking, Fears & Phobias

Categories: New South Wales, Practitioners, Queensland
Photo of Patricia Martin
OwnerPatricia Martin Hypnotherapy
Home Gold Coast Coomera Waters QLD 4209 Cell Phone: 0411082876Website: Patricia Martin Hypnotherapy

Biographical Info

Hypnotherapist,  TRTP Practitioner The Richards Trauma Process, NLP Practitioner, Certifed practitioner Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis program, Stop smoking practitioner, Master hypnotist in Conversational hypnosis, Senior Weight consultant, Mentor , Team Leader , Sales ….

Patricia Martin is a lover of life and enjoys nothing more than helping people improve their lives and be happier and healthier for it. Patricia is an Expert in Trauma therapy TRTP , she is absolutely committed to taking a client from just existing and surviving to thriving and living the life they deserve feeling empowered and in control as the release of anger from the body is imperative to heal and for the client to feel Safe and the people around you to feel safe. Patricia does this safely, effectively and quickly. . Overcoming depression, anxiety, ptsd fears & phobias, unwanted habits such as Smoking, Alcohol, Gambling,Overeating, Sex, OCD and many more. Patricia is NO cup of tea therapist she is results driven and thrives on success. If you desire to change and can follow instruction you too can soon be living the life YOU CHOOSE !!


Issues of interest : My expertise shine through when working closely with people who have suffered childhood abuse, sexual abuse, bullying, weight gain, PTSD, depression & anxiety and overcoming addictions, this is life changing for my clients, Being witness to the incredible results my clients are experiencing after TRTP is extrodinary….. .

Knowing that our minds work on two levels – the conscious and the unconscious. We make decisions think and act with our conscious mind. The Unconscious mind controls are habits. In the related state known as hypnosis we can communicate direct with the unconscious mind and re programme our minds and create new unconscious core beliefs that serve and support you and stop the self sabotage .

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Awareness Space
Work 30 Doncaster Rd North Balwyn VIC 3104 Work Phone: 0403 013 010Website:

Biographical Info

BA Hons

MA Comparative Religion

Grad Dip Applied Psychology

Dip Gestalt Therapy

Registered Psychologist and a member of APS.

I work with a holistic approach and people come with a wide range of issues: visit my website


Areas of Interest

PTSD, trauma, depression and anxiety.

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Work Sydney Cell Phone: 0422 468 888Work Phone: 02 9554 6368Website:


Areas of Interest

Women issues, domestic violence, fertility, digestive issues, trauma,  PTSD, anxiety, depression, stroke.

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Photo of Dr Rosie McLaren
Consulting and Therapeutic Services
Home Australia Nedlands WA 6009 AustraliaWork Phone: 08 9386 4327Cell Phone: 0438 874 766

Biographical Info

From an early age I have developed a deep and ongoing interest in the human condition and the intimate relationship between perception and objects. This passion continued to develop in my initial professional careers, first as a potter and artist and then published writer and workshop facilitator. As mentioned for the past twenty years I have practiced as a therapist, counsellor and taught and supervised students in the field of mental health. I loved my earlier work and I am passionate about the work I do now.

My love of learning and inquiry led to a doctoral thesis in philosophy where my understanding of the approaches to psychotherapy and counselling began to develop. What resonated strongly were the concepts of wholeness of being and self-realization on all levels; the view that everything in the world as we know it is interconnected.  This sense of being connected to the natural world has been present for me since the day when, as a small child, I discovered clay (no surprise then that, some years later, my first career was as a potter).

After completing a doctorate I trained as a psychoanalyst. The field of psychoanalysis that especially appealed is attachment and early childhood development and the profound influences that those formative experiences have on the relationships, and the mental and physical health, of adults. From my clinical training I learned to work with patients’ emotional responses and bodily experiences, particularly in relation to depression, anxiety and trauma resolution.

Although I trained as a psychoanalyst, I continued to acquire and develop a broad range of treatment skills with a particular emphasis on helping people who have experienced trauma and post-traumatic stress. Through my teaching, counselling and psychotherapy positions I have formed a deep understanding of the emotional turmoil and distressing physical symptoms people are faced with on a daily basis when dealing with the aftermath of trauma and traumatic events, including long periods of stress.

Most recently I was accredited as a practitioner of The Richards Trauma Process (TRTP).  As part of the training I experienced TRTP as a client. That experience was life changing and deeply moving. The changes I noticed within myself were simply astounding. A particular experience that troubled me for many years disappeared overnight, and other positive changes became evident soon after. My earlier years of therapy (200 hrs) had never touched on the feelings and emotions of the troubling childhood experience.  During this time, my unconscious mind had kept the memories below my awareness. Through hypnosis, and the sense of safety that is created by the therapist, these old memories simply fell away, and the subsequent relief was wonderful.

The best indicators I have of the effectiveness of TRTP are the results achieved for my clients. TRTP, which is delivered with love, has liberated so many of them from their past traumas and upsets, and any other dreadfulness that has occurred in their lives.  Most clients achieve rapid change and resolution of extremely distressing symptoms in a relatively short space of time. It is a privilege to witness the remarkable transformation of my clients and to share with them the knowledge that they have a future to look forward to that is meaningful and satisfying.

In guiding my clients to come to know themselves honestly, and to rise above adversity and anguish, I draw upon all of my experiences and trainings, including my wide knowledge of art and life. In conjunction with other highly effective psychological methods TRTP now forms a key component of my therapeutic practice

Opportunities to find deeper powers within ourselves come when life seems most challenging.

Joseph Campbell 

Professional organisations: I am a clinical member of The Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia (PACFA). Accredited supervisor – Clinical Reg. 20892.

Areas of Interest:  I work with Trauma (accidents, domestic violence, rape, robbery, illness), Loss and Grief, Anxiety, Depression, Panic attacks, Personal and Work related stress, Heartache, Relationship Counselling, Negative thoughts patterns, Illness (especially cancer), Inability to relax, Intolerable sensations in Head and Body, Isolation and Aloneness, and Addictions.  In addition, I work with Fibromyalgia, Migraine, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Chronic Fatigue.



Hi! I’m Rosie.    If you are looking at this page you are ready to make changes in your life.  Positive and powerful changes that will free you from your inability to enjoy life.  Usually people don’t seek counselling or therapy unless they are in crisis.  They seek help to relieve their inner turmoil, anxiety or depression, or to escape unbearable images that play on their mindsThey might want relief from their feelings of shame or guilt, or from feelings of being stuck or trapped, along with a wide range of distressing physical symptoms that are currently affecting their health.  People also seek help because they are grieving and feeling lonely or they can’t find a loving relationship.  Others feel emotionally numb or feel like they are falling apart and lacking any sense of purpose or direction in their lives.  If you are suffering and need support at the moment I can help you.

Many years ago as a result of the debilitating effects of anxiety and depression, as well as coping with irritable bowel syndrome I sort relief from a therapist.  The healing (and sometimes challenging) journey of therapy was one of the most profound experiences I had ever embarked upon.  As a consequence, I came to understand and know myself in ways I had never thought possible.  As I developed a growing awareness of what was the underlying cause of my troubling symptoms I slowly began to experience a sense of aliveness and inner freedom.  This exposure to my inner world of emotions and feelings, as well deepening a connection to my body and mind, eventually lead to my own training as a psychoanalytic psychotherapist and counsellor.  I have now been working in the field of mental health for 20 years.  During this time I have developed a keen interest in understanding and treating traumatic stress. [see more of this story in the biographical details below]

I discovered The Judith Richards Trauma Process (TRTP) by chance.  An invitation via email from a colleague arrived advertising a workshop with the title ‘Trauma! Understand it. Resolve it’.  With a desire to know more about resolving trauma I attended.  Over the course of several hours I listened to Judith speak about the devastating effects of trauma on the mind, brain and body. And then she spoke about her alternative SAFE, GENTLE and EFFECTIVE approach to healing traumatic stress.  I was transfixed and deeply moved.  Judith is an inspirational and passionate speaker, a skilful storyteller and educator.  As she demonstrated via video testimonials, and with people from the audience aspects of her unique pathway to resolving trauma, I realised she had found the golden key.  Through her own personal and often painstaking research she had created a blend of conventional trauma techniques but with the addition of hypnosis.  It was a Hallelujah moment.  I was excited and wanted to learn more.  In contrast to regular conventional therapies than can take months, even years before there is relief from traumatic stress, TRTP can transform a person’s life in 3 – 4 sessions.  This is a remarkable achievement.  Since I began working with clients using TRTP, people who I had been seeing regularly in my clinic for years recovered and are now living satisfying, interesting, loving and healthy lives.  How marvellous is that!!

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Photo of Warwick McLelland
Clinical Psychologist / Sports Psychologist
Home 79 West High Street, Coffs Harbour NSW 2450 AustraliaWork Phone: 0407 776 675

Biographical Info

My name is Warwick. I’m a Clinical Psychologist who has been in the business of helping people heal mentally and emotionally since 2003. I have worked with clients of walks of life and of all ages, from young children all the way to clients in their 80’s. I have built a strong reputation in my local area of Coffs Harbour, to the point where word of mouth keeps the work streaming in and there is a general confidence in what I do.

As nice as it is to have a good reputation in my chosen field, what means the most to me is being a facilitator of growth and remarkable change in the lives of those I work with. The feedback I’ve received over my career suggests that many of my clients have experienced significant improvements in their psychological, emotional, and behavioural functioning as a result of the interventions I have offered. But I also realise that the methods I have used in the past have also left quite a number of clients simply accepting and ‘putting up with’ ongoing issues of anxiety, depression, trauma, and self-worth, despite my best efforts. I had come to accept also that there wasn’t anything else that could be done for these clients, and that some improvement in coping capacity was probably as good as things could get for some people. All of that changed when I was trained in TRTP…

With TRTP as my top of the line treatment approach there is now a genuine feeling every time that my clients can walk away after participating, experiencing extraordinary transformations. The attitude is no longer one of teaching my clients to simply cope and accept their symptoms and limitations. I now tell people they can clear their blocks to thriving as human being by targeting the blocks where they reside – the subconscious mind.

Providing you have an open-mind, can use your imagination, and really want the change, it is very much possible to achieve amazing results if you choose me for TRTP. And you do not need to live near Coffs Harbour because I offer this process using internet-based video consultation and it still works just as well as face-to-face consultation.

Put simply, TRTP has changed me personally and professionally in such a profound way. Now I just want to bring this powerful process to as many people as I can. So if you are ready to leave behind all that holds you back and to move towards extraordinary, please contact me.


I have a specialized interest in anxiety presentations at both clinical and sub-clinical levels. I am highly experienced and skilled in dealing with: PTSD, depression, generalized anxiety, social anxiety, phobias, autism spectrum disorders, OCD, self-worth issues, attachment issues, family/relationship issues, parenting, drug and alcohol issues, and personality disorders.

In addition to my Clinical Psychology status, I am also a qualified Sports Psychologist, and therefore skilled in consultation to athletes and clients seeking peak performance in their chosen field.

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OwnerHealing At Lavender
Home Spreydon Christchurch New ZealandHome Phone: +64 224 779 446Website:

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Hello, my name is Helen. I am a TRTP Practitioner.

Moving forward is the key to nearly all solutions in life and there is no exception when it comes to your own health physically and mentally. Just as we need to learn new skills and update our existing knowledge to live and work independently, I believe that we need to update our knowledge about ourselves and develop new skills to live a full and productive life.

I have skills, knowledge, certifications and qualifications that, individually or in tandem with one another, give my clients the knowledge and skills they need right now to move forward.

Since becoming a Body Stress Release (BSR) Practitioner I have worked with many clients and the majority of these are experiencing pain in some part of their body. Over time I became increasingly aware of just how much our minds, most especially our emotions, influence recurring pain in our bodies.  Repeated experiences with clients fueled my curiosity and my desire to answer the question “What past life experiences, events or traumas contributed to getting this pain, these allergies, ongoing anxiety, poor sleeping patterns or illness responses so obvious in our bodies?”

My search led me to an introduction to TRTP. The process rang true to me and both my professional and personal curiosity was aroused. The TRTP process identifies the trauma (stressing events) that hide behind our individual beliefs, words and behaviors. I know that TRTP is very impactful and I am very passionate about sharing this process with others to impact change in their own lives.

My goal is to use my life experiences and my skills to help others to move forward and to free them from the emotional hold from both obvious and hidden ‘Traumas’ (stressing events) they have in their lives, to feel empowered, calmer and confident to really live their lives.

The Richards Trauma Process-TRTP – is a cutting-edge therapy which delivers fast results for problems such as Anxiety, Depression, Aggression, Anger, Guilt, Grief, Frustration, Shyness, Abuse, Pain, Parenting, Sleep, Stress, Chronic Stress, Mood Swings, Fears, Phobias, Tension and Panic Attacks. All these issues are supported in our minds by our negative unconscious core beliefs which were developed when we were younger.

Fueled by our lack of self-worth, we hold on to negative emotions like anger, rage, humiliation or profound sadness often without realizing the damage it’s doing to our lives each and every day. You are being abused by your own mind, running the same old programs, patterns and stories, constantly telling yourself “I’m not good enough”.  Over time feeling this way just becomes a part of who we think we are.  It becomes normal.

TRTP, can potentially change your life forever, shifting these negative emotions while providing you with insight into your new normal and a positive direction for your future.

If you can use your Imagination and you’re ready for a big shift and have an open mind, then you are an ideal candidate for the TRTP experience and I’m here boots and all ready to help you to help yourself.

My sessions are easily accessible either in person or via Skype or Zoom.

Contact Helen to book a 20min free skype call to meet and chat.

Changing one person does not change the world, but it does change the world for one person.



Healing at Lavender

TRTP The Richards Trauma Process Practitioner

BSR Body Stress Release Practitioner M.B.S.R.A

PEMF Pulsed Electro-magnetic field Therapy

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Work Hunter Valley Newcastle NSW 4550 AustraliaWork Phone: 1300 785 463


Areas of Interest

PTSD, trauma, anxiety, depression, fears & phobias, health issues, weight issues.

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Work Sydney Work Phone: 02 9427 2838Website:


Areas of Interest

Anxiety, depression, fears & phobias, weight loss.

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Director & Lead PsychologistMen’s Mental Health
Home 188 Prospect Hwy (cnr Hope St) Seven Hills NSW 2147 Work Phone: 02 9838 7773Home Phone: 0412 994 718Website:

Biographical Info

Profession: Psychologist and Executive Coach

Hi, thanks for choosing to read about me.

The first thing you might like to know is that ‘I know what I’m doing’ – and supporting people like you is what I find most fulfilling.

I am a registered psychologist, and a member of the Australian Psychological Society (MAPS)

After a corporate career in Banking and Human Resources over 15 years, I turned back to psychology.

Since 2000, I have consulted independently to multi-nationals and small business across Asia Pacific, especially China.  Since 2010, I have invested more and more into my primary values and capabilities – how to make best use of my skills, to make the world a better place.

I have had my fair share of successes in sport and business, and have also had to face up to failures. All of this requires opening myself up (practising what I preach), accepting slowing down, re-framing my personal and family history, and taking responsibility for my own story. I have learnt to re-tell it so that its useful to me now – and you can to.

I have invested in the fields of anxiety and depression with Beyond Blue, and mostly recently with The Richards Trauma Process (TRTP). The changes people can make following TRTP, for human fulfilment, are nothing short of staggering. Feel confident to find out more about this.

In this regard, I’m here for you. Whatever we do will be safe, and will be all about learning, and creating the future you hope for.



Specialty areas:

I can assist you with anxiety, depression, suicidality, quitting from addictions, relationship stress and grief.

In parallel I support elite sports people, consult to global companies about their leadership and negotiation via workshops, consulting on special projects and executive coaching.

I’m an everyday person, making a difference. I offer both commercial and psychological insight, to help you take those steps forward, that you want to make.

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OwnerThe Real Me Hypnotherapy
Work Phone: 0438 841 803

Biographical Info

After studying Psychology at university for six years and personally exhausting the western medical system to help with my own dis-ease, I began to see that for me, personally, the progress to mental and physical good health was only short term.

I then went on to study hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy which still left me with a feeling that my training was somehow not yet complete.

After hearing about TRTP and the profound results this process was having on individuals, I decided this was the skill set that I needed, to complete my repertoire of training.  In life, so many people appear to be suffering unnecessarily and this doesn’t need to be the case. There is therapy available that has overwhelmingly successful long term results.

TRTP helps individuals to alleviate trauma related symptoms, and help establish a life beyond trauma. My goal is to help you become the best that you can be by rediscovering the real you, the person you were, before trauma and distressing events got in the way.

The Real Me Hypnotherapy offers a safe, confidential and judgement free environment. TRTP is unique to each person and is not a one size fits all process.

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Photo of Duncan Morris
Owner – Private PractitionerDuncan Morris Counselling and Mentoring – Trading with Watersedge CounsellingAccredited Mental Health Social Worker
Work 117-119 Aphrasia St, Newtown Geelong Victoria 3220 Work Phone: 0434331243Website:

Biographical Info

Duncan Morris BA(Soc), BSW, MHSM.

Duncan Morris is an Accredited Mental Health Social Worker, counsellor, mentor and business coach. He has a varied employment history; working as a Minister of religion for a decade, a funeral chaplain and Director for 9 years, and as a social worker and manager for 11 years. Having worked in senior management with an NGO and the State Government, Duncan has insight into the many issues of working within bureaucracies and the management of people.

Duncan has a Bachelor of Social Work, Bachelor of Arts (Sociology) from Deakin University and a Masters in Human Services Management from Charles Sturt University.  His many qualifications in conjunction with his professional and personal experience allow him to exercise his passion for working with people so they are able to fulfil their potential through his counselling, mentoring and coaching services.

Duncan has completed further training around Cognitive Processing Therapy, Complex Trauma, The Richards Trauma Process, Suicide intervention and understanding the impact of anxiety disorders. As a member of the Australian Association of Social Workers Duncan annually meets Professional Development requirements.

Duncan provides counselling in the following areas; generalist counselling, mental health, anger management, trauma including PTSD, depression, anxiety, addictions, relationships as well as other areas of concern for individuals and couples.


Specialty and areas of interest:

Duncan is passionate about giving people the tools to be freed from their past, and continues to advance his skills to help people overcome trauma.

He has found that while it is true that you cannot change the past, you can stop the impact the past continues to have on you.  By using The Richards Trauma Process, Duncan enables people to stop the negative impact of the past in a safe, time effective manner, without having to relive the trauma.

Duncan is passionate about ensuring people have access to quality counselling, therapy and self-empowerment in a healthy and effective manner. Working with people from various backgrounds and childhood experiences has given Duncan a breadth of experience and understanding of how to give people a new lease on life.

Having worked with a lady aged in her 40s for 18 months who had been drinking alcohol since the age of 14, been through numerous rehabs and struggled in relationships, Duncan did The Richards Trauma Process with her and saw life-changing results. She has now been 13 months alcohol free for the first time since she was 14. Helping her to understand that the alcohol was a way of covering the pain from previous abuse, once the abuse was dealt with her need for alcohol was no longer there.

People use lots of different substances or activities in an attempt to deal with their pain. By showing people how to healthily deal with the past, they are given the tools to stop the negative impact this continues to have on them. Let me help you find freedom and release from your past.

And that’s it.  Thank you!

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Photo of Dr Helen Mursell
Owner DirectorLive Mindfully
Work St Kilda West Melbourne VIC 3182 AustraliaWork Phone: 0418 911 203Website:

Biographical Info

Thanks for taking the time to read my profile.

Are you tired of feeling scared, angry, overwhelmed or maybe even numb to it all? Is your body manifesting unexplained chronic physical symptoms? Perhaps you are feeling completely immobilised by the stress of daily life or past trauma?

If any of these resonate with you, then take a moment to pause, rest a while…take a breathe and read on …. I think I know what can help!

Having worked as a Clinical Psychologist for more than 20 years, I have trained in a number of modalities and enjoyed supporting clients to overcome adversity.  I’ve always felt, however, there was something missing.  For many, the journey could be long or there seemed to be residual issues lingering from the past that continued to sabotage best made efforts to find contentment and fulfilment in life.  Thanks to The Richards Trauma Process (TRTP), I’ve found the missing link.

My passion for TRTP comes from consistently bearing witness to the transformations clients now make through this dynamic and powerful process and it’s so so quick!  In as little as three to four sessions, I can support you through the TRTP process, enabling you to change the sabotaging thought patterns that underpin unwanted behaviours.  We don’t need to venture back into the detail of the past, which will keep you feeling safe and empowered.  When we truly believe we are enough, then we can be free from psychological stress and illness once and for all.

“You are enough! Not because you did or said or bought of thought or became or created something special….but because you always were.”



Helen is a caring and empathic Clinical Psychologist and Family Therapist who empowers clients to become active participants in the creation of their own rich & meaningful life; free from emotional and even physical pain. She has established her own successful private practice where a high percentage of her clients are direct referrals from other clients and for that she is grateful.

Helen works with individuals, couples and families whose lives have been impacted through psychological related stress and illness. She assists clients with PTSD, stress, anxiety, depression, phobias, panic attacks, chronic somatic illness, eating disorders, disordered eating and relationship difficulties.

Helen’s practice is based on the core belief ‘get the mind right and the body will follow’.

In addition to TRTP, Helen is also experienced in Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy and Gottman Marital Therapy.

Helen’s qualifications include a Professional Doctorate in Psychology (Clinical Child & Adolescent Specialisation) from The University of Melbourne.  She is professionally registered with the Psychologists Registration Board of Victoria (PRB) and is a full member of the Australian Psychological Society (APS). Helen is also registered with Medicare as a Clinical Psychologist, enabling her clients to claim Medicare benefits in addition to private health care rebates where applicable.

Professional Qualifications

Professional Doctorate in Psychology (Clinical Child & Adolescent Specialisation): The University of Melbourne

Grad Dip (Soc Sci in Family Therapy): Swinburne University of Technology & Williams Road Family Therapy Centre

Post Grad Dip (Psychology): The University of Melbourne

Grad Dip (Psychology): The University of Melbourne

Ba App Sci (Physical Education): Phillip Institute of Technology (now RMIT)

Certified TRTP Practitioner

Certified Level 2 Gottman Marital Therapist

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Owner / ManagerReframe Therapies
Home Community Health Initiative Centre , 9 Langwells Parade Northcote Melbourne Vic 4550 AustraliaHome Phone: 0413 232 531Website:

Biographical Info

My name is Matthew Nettleton,

I am the founder and primary therapist of ‘Reframe Therapies’. I work out of the amazing Community Health Initiative Centre at 9 Langwells Parade Northcote, Melbourne, have a practice from my home in Bendigo, and I also offer sessions via Zoom/Skype.

I started Reframe Therapies out of my own experience with Trauma, PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), Addiction, Anxiety issues and Depression and completely overcoming them using the techniques we offer at Reframe. I am a qualified addiction and trauma specialist, with lived experience. And now my aim is to help others gain the same freedom I have experienced using The Richards Trauma Process.

My qualifications are:

  • The Richards Trauma Process (TRTP)
  • Holistic Drug and Alcohol Counselling
  • Meridian Tapping
  • Hypnotherapy
  • Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)
  • Life and Recovery Coaching
  • Meditation Teaching


As well as having studied all of these modalities, my lived experience allows me to relate to a client on a personal level. I create a safe, non-judgemental space for healing to take place. My understanding is in my experience. I understand the grip of being stuck in trauma, anxiety, depression and addiction. And I understand the process that needs to take place in order to gain total freedom from these issues.

I have a history of addiction to ice, and heroin and prescription medication. I suffered severe trauma throughout my life, resulting in panic attack disorders, physical issues, depression, suicidal ideation. You name it I have been through it. I am pleased to say that now I am well! My trauma, my addictions are a thing of the past. And I now assist others through the same processes I myself went through.

My specialties are in addiction, trauma, depression and anxiety. I have an interest in helping those who suffer trauma during, prior to and after active addiction, are now in recovery and are seeking to grow and overcome emotional blocks. My clients who I have taken through The Richards Trauma Process have experienced the same amazing results that I, too, experienced.

After traumatic events, abusive relationships, times of addiction, we are then left with the aftermath which can take years to overcome in therapy normally, if ever. My primary aim is to speed this up! Generally in just 3 sessions with TRTP! I assist the client, guiding them through the elegant yet simple step by step process that is TRTP. We leave the past where it belongs, giving the client the freedom to move forward and get on with life with them sitting in the drivers seat!

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Work Wollongong Work Phone: 02 4229 2496Website:


Areas of Interest

Trauma, PTSD, anxiety, depression, fears & phobias.

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Photo of Leonie O’Connell
Director/PrincipalAcademy of Therapeutic Goods
Home Chatswood & Penrith NSW Work Phone: 1300 788 909Cell Phone: 0405 682 647

Biographical Info

Leonie is a Clinical Hypnotherapist, Medical Hypnotherapist, Hypnotherapy Trainer, NLP Master Practitioner, Registered Nurse, Early Childhood Educator, TRTP Practitioner. Her areas of interests include PTSD, Phobias, Anxiety and Panic Attacks, Weight Issues, Addictive Behaviours, Quitting cigarettes and Marijuana.


No-one has to live a life controlled by overwhelming fear, anger, sadness and confusion.  These negative emotions can create many mental and physical illnesses.  We all deserve inner peace and contentment – to live a life free from the trauma and negativity from the past.  Everyone deserves a life filled with joy and happiness.  It’s our birthright.

Let me take you by the hand and gently walk you through to the other side.  It’s like stepping out of a dark tunnel and into the light at the other end.  You may feel that you could never do this alone – and you don’t have to.  Together we can release all that you no longer need to hold on to – to create a wonderful new future.

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Work Adelaide Work Phone: 0438 867 242


Areas of Interest

Trauma, anxiety, depression, grief, fears, hoarding and fertility.

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Home Park Orchards Health and Wellbeing Center 584 Park Rd Park Orchards Melbourne Vic 3114 AustraliaHome Phone: 0417 106 306Website:

Biographical Info

I graduated from RMIT as a Mental Health Social Worker in 1995 and have been in private practice for 17 years as a Counselor and psychotherapist.

My purpose became clear when I began my own self development journey in 1990. I became a seeker of the most effective techniques for healing and change to enable effective transformation for my clients.

I am a Master practitioner of EFT, Theta Healing & Reference Point therapy. A practitioner of Faster EFT, Thought Field Therapy(TFT)Neuro-linguistic programming(NLP). Fast track hypnosis, Bars Access consciousness & Tapas acupressure technique.(TAT) Most recently TRTP.

In 2011 I ran a world wide Tele-summit interviewing teachers of Powerful transformational processes from around the world. I work off and on- line offering my 1:1 therapy & past group programs: Fearless Success, Take Weight off your Mind and the Self Belief Bootcamp.


Issues I deal with:
Anxiety and depression. Low self- esteem. Abuse/bullying. Weight/food/body Image. Money & Success. Perfectionism/high achieving pressure. Feeling stuck/overwhelmed. Addictions. Fears and unwanted limiting beliefs.

It is my life purpose to facilitate core transformation in the lives of those who want to free themselves from patterns of suffering, realize their full potential and live their dream life. You have all the answers, I simply guide you to finding them. Whatever your issue, it is a culmination of your life experience and past events, and with new understandings of epigenetics, trauma can also be passed down generationally.
As your sabotaging core beliefs are changed and trauma is cleared a new future can naturally evolve and you can begin to thrive.

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Photo of Kirsty Reynolds
Kirsty Reynolds Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy
Cell Phone: 0402 978 757 

Biographical Info

Palliative care- assisting persons and their loved ones work through unresolved emotions, pain and life experiences before death.
Trauma, Anxiety and panic attacks, Depression, Stress, addictions and compulsions.Spiritual development, work performance, Life direction.
Immigration and migration issues. Cultural and Religious differences. Counselling with people for whom English is a second language.
Working with a Carer, the elderly and their loved ones to gain peace and clarity.


Areas of Interest

Grief and Loss Through death, relationship breakdown, major life changes, suicide bereavement, birth of a child, career change, retirement, being a student, entering the workforce.

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Home Melbourne Inner North with rooms in Fitzroy North and Brunswick Victoria Work Phone: 0408 936 993

Biographical Info

I am a psychotherapist and counselor registered with the Psychotherapy and Counseling Foundation of Australia with more than 20 years clinical experience. During that time I have worked in a number of organisations devoted to the care of people affected by mental health disorders, addiction, trauma and adverse childhood experiences and had the opportunity to contrast treatment modalities.  I have found The Richards Trauma Process (TRTP) to be a safe and highly effective therapeutic modality. It is elegant and powerful, resolving the impact of distressing past events and resulting Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, anxiety and depressive disorders and addictions without re-traumatising. TRTP resolves debilitating symptoms quickly, effectively and safely in three to four sessions.


TRTP helps resolve intrusive symptoms of PTSD, the core of abuses held from early life trauma, the fall out of chaotic attachment – symptoms that have kept individuals stuck in pain and in dysfunctional patterns of feeling, thinking and behaviour. TRTP gets to the core of the pain and releases it, safely, allowing freedom from the triggers of the past. It is possible to successfully move away from the vicious cycle of abusive relationships, alcohol and other drug abuse and patterns of thought and reactions that can lead to debilitating auto immune disease and phobias, part of the ongoing cycle of surviving with inner turmoil.


In TRTP hypnosis is used in each session because in hypnosis we can talk directly to the unconscious where negative underlying core beliefs, the response to abuses and trauma, are held. In hypnosis we can talk to the body where past trauma is stored. TRTP relieves the overwhelming nature of past distress and can help you to change these unconscious core beliefs driving and sabotaging your conscious efforts to make change. TRTP regularly produces fabulous results. Just imagine your longed for positive changes coming quickly and safely into action to create the future you have longed for so that you can move from merely surviving to thriving.


My private practice is in the inner city area of Melbourne but I also conduct online sessions for clients who live too far to travel to Melbourne.


Phone or email me for a ½ hour complimentary consult to talk about how I can help you.


Areas of Interest


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Practitioner / OwnerHealthy Life Hypnotherapy
Home Shop 5 14 Barker St Griffith ACT 2603 Cell Phone: 0457 221 525Work Fax: 02 4472 9875Website:

Biographical Info

Bachelor of Applied Science – Human Movement – Phillip Institute of Technology – Melbourne

Graduate Diploma – Psychology – Charles Sturt University – Bathurst

Diploma – Management – ETC – Coffs Harbour

Diploma – Modern Psychology – Hypnosis and NLP – The Mind Academy – Noosa


Areas of Interest

Positive Body Image and Weight release Self Esteem, Confidence and Self worth Anxiety and Depression Fear and Trauma Identity and Self Limiting beliefs Transgender support Sleep issues Financial stress Stuckness and Creating a compelling future.

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Photo of Nita Schmidt
Three Dimensional Healing
Home Perth, WA 6169 Home Phone: 0450 588 048Website:

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Reaching your true positive potential – integrate mind, body and soul – is when a healthy YOU steps out into life and grabs it by the proverbials!

Nita has been concerned about the welfare of people her entire life, and is an avid believer in;

  • Our positive thoughts supporting and benefiting our future!
  • Our negative experiences not holding us back!

Specialising in removing the pain from your past – Nita helps you overcome the SHIT that’s happened in your life.

Nita has worked with energy since she was young, coupling this with her Diploma in Counselling (MACA), Inner Child Work, Thought Field Therapy (tapping) and Reiki Master – she offers a broad approach to her clients – with the “Cherry on Top” being her Certification in TRTP [The Richards Trauma Process].

Nita encourages people to ring for a FREE 20 minute chat prior to booking an appointment.


Rage, Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Shame, Resentment, Victims of Narcissism, Quit Smoking, Lose Weight and unconscious core beliefs.

People and their stories.

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OwnerOasis Solutions
Home 35 Gordon Avenue Hamilton NSW 2303 Cell Phone: 0415266428Website:

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PhD, BA (hons), Dip Nursing Education, Cert Psychiatric Nursing, Cert General Nursing, Cert IV Workplace Assessment and Training, Advanced Diploma in Life Coaching, Cert IV Small Business Management, Cert Clinical Hypnosis, Credentialed Mental Health Nurse, Credentialed Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Coach, Associate Certified Coach (ICF), The Richards Trauma Process.

Hypnotherapist, Counsellor, Credentialed Mental Health Nurse, Educator, Life and Leadership Coach, Professional Supervisor.


Areas of Interest

Anxiety, Depression, Trauma, Chronic Pain, Chronic Illness, Phobias, Sexual Problems.

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Photo of Karin Sephton
Work Suite 3, 16 Minilya Avenue White Gum Valley WA 6162 Home Phone: 0409298727Website:

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If you feel that yesterday’s trauma and today’s anxiety and depression are ruling your life – I can assist you to overcome all these symptoms, quickly and safely, AND without drugs.

TRTP turned around my way of understanding effective therapeutic intervention for trauma.

I have been practising as a Psychotherapist and Counsellor for more than 20 years with extensive experience as a counsellor and body-oriented somatic therapist in private and public practice.

As a certified TRTP Practitioner of ‘The Richards Trauma Process’ since 2015, I am now seeing more positive changes for my clients in the shortest time ever. The Richards Trauma Process TM (TRTP) provides a very powerful way of addressing all trauma or stress related issues. They can be resolved quickly, effectively and very safely, in generally 3 sessions. A truly amazing and gentle intervention, created with in-depth knowledge, care, and thoroughness.

I am so grateful to be able to offer this approach and feel passionate about assisting people to achieve positive life changes and gain lasting relief from lifelong pain and trauma.

This process is not re-traumatising and completely confidential.

I live in White Gum Valley (Fremantle)WA and Margaret River WA and I work from my private practise or via skype.

I speak English and German

Special interests:

  • PTSD -traumatic stress and stress management
  • Depression, anxiety and anger
  • Grief
  • Addiction
  • Feeling stuck
  • Self-esteem and shyness
  • The quest to live life more fullyMaking and maintaining close relationships
  • Making and maintaining close relationships
    Special interests:

    • PTSD -traumatic stress and stress management
    • Depression, anxiety and anger
    • Grief
    • Addiction
    • Feeling stuck
    • Self-esteem and shyness
    • The quest to live life more fullyMaking and maintaining close relationships
    • Making and maintaining close relationships

Call me on 0409 298 727
for a 30 minute complementary consultation to discuss your needs.


Qualifications & Education

  • Certified TRTP Practitioner
  • Advanced Diploma of Psychotherapy
  • Clinical Member: – Psychotherapy and Counsellors of WA (PACAWA)
  • Clinical Member: – Psychotherapy and Counsellor Federation Australia (PACFA) Membership 21219
  • Advanced Diploma Rebalancing (somatic therapy)


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OwnerThe Melbourne Counselling Centre
Home South Melbourne Melbourne Vic AustraliaHome St Kilda Melbourne Vic AustraliaWork Phone: 0413 731 633Website:

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My purpose is to help my clients move from pain and suffering towards health and well-being. My passion is witnessing the amazing transformations that occur when clients reclaim their lives.

As a TRTP Practitioner combined with my training and experience as a qualified Counsellor & Psychotherapist I strive to ensure you feel safe, comfortable and supported in your process. I have the academic training to help you make sense of your personal history, the capacity to support you during the process and the ability to guide you gently through the therapy process, all the while respectfully helping you navigate towards your own healing and health.

A few words about me: I arrived at this work later in life as it wasn’t until I experienced my own struggles in my late 30’s that I truly understood the profound change that can occur through the work of personal development and psychotherapy.

That difficult period in my life proved to be the catalyst for change and motivated me to return to study retraining as a Counsellor and Psychotherapist. Since that time my passion in this field has continued to grow. Initially I worked in the not-for-profit sector with a range of community organisations where my training and experience was consolidated.

In 2011 I moved into private practice to focus on my area of interests being trauma, attachment disorders, anger and relationships. From there I naturally found myself specialising in Men’s Health where I worked extensively with men on Anger Issues and Early Childhood Trauma. From this point I furthered my training in trauma through completing The Richards Trauma Process.

I hold a Bachelor of Arts/ Social Sciences from Monash University, a Vocational Graduate Certificate in Bereavement Counselling & Intervention from the Australian Centre for Grief and Bereavement and, a Graduate Diploma in Psychotherapy & Counselling from The Cairnmillar Institute.

I would describe my style as natural and integrative. It is my intention to create a safe and affirming place where the work is enriching and empowering. I work across the whole spectrum of life events and utilise the client’s life experience, hidden knowledge of self, and innate capacity for growth all underpinned by The Richards Trauma Process as the main vehicle to facilitate change.


Areas of Interest

Trauma, Men’s Health, Attachment Disorders, Anger Management, Relationships.



  • Bachelor of Arts/ Social Sciences  (Monash University)
  • Vocational Graduate Certificate in Bereavement Counselling & Intervention (VGCBCI )
  • Graduate Certificate in Psychotherapy & Counselling (The Cairnmillar Institute)
  • Graduate Diploma in Psychotherapy & Counselling (The Cairnmillar Institute)


Professional Associations

  • CAPAV Membership Associate (Counsellors’ & Psychotherapists’ Association of VIC)
  • Level 1 M.A.C.A member ACA  (Australian Counselling Association)
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Owner/DirectorElizabeth Spencer and Empathy CoachingPsychotherapy, Counselling, Coaching, Teaching, Facilitation
Home Avalon Beach Sydney NSW Work Phone: 0414904658Website:

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I am highly qualified in psychotherapy, coaching, education and social ecology.; with a range of degrees, diplomas and certificates. I have been working in education for over 30 years and have been in private practice as a therapist and coach for 10. Please see my website to find out more.

Empowerment at home and work, psychotherapy for pain/upset/disturbance in life (we all have this, working on it disappears it faster and frees you), feeling happier, being more effective and creative.

Imagine when sand irritates an oyster and then becomes a pearl. Your struggles, when worked with by skilled therapist or coach, start to transform you. Not only do you find solutions, but you become stronger, with more access to your own wisdom and unique talents. Trauma affects everything. It is insidiously in the background. The earlier you heal trauma, the better. Step up and get the guidance you need, to transform.


Areas of Interest

Trauma, pain, disturbance in life.

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Home Woodcroft Home Phone: 1800 211 440Website:

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Eleonore main area of focus has been to gently assist her clients to overcome and transform out of, some of life’s toughest experiences of illness, grief, trauma and abuse. By providing a supportive and safe space for discovery and transformation, she offers a unique integrative approach to addressing PTSD and Trauma. Eleonore connects with her clients with compassion and insight that can lead to profound healing and resolution of long standing personal issues


Areas of Interest

PTSD, grief, trauma and abuse.

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Home Noosaville Work Phone: 07 5442 4016


Areas of Interest

Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Trauma, Anger, Fears & Phobias, Relationship issues.

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Photo of Sue Vandenberg
OwnerSV Counselling Services/ Newcastle Hypnotherapy
Home 161 Maitland Road, SV Counselling Services, Ground Floor, Ironworkers Centre Australia Mayfield NSW 2304 Cell Phone: 0421861734Website:

Biographical Info

Registered Psychiatric Nurse 1986

Diploma in Health Science (Nursing) 1992

Bachelor of Nursing 1994

Master of Nursing 2002

Credentialed Mental Health Nurse 2007-current

Certificate in Clinical Hypnosis 2013

Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy 2014

Master Practitioner in Indirect Hypnotherapy 2015


Member – Australian College of Mental Health Nurses

Member – Australian College of Hypnotherapists

Registered with Australian Health Practitioners Registration Agency (AHPRA)


As well as working in inpatient and community mental health settings, I have been employed as a lecturer in nursing at the University of Newcastle and taught at other tertiary institutions.

I’ve worked closely with General Practitioners since 2006 to provide mental health care and interventions for their patients.

Profession: Credentialed Mental Health Nurse, Clinical Hypnotherapist


Issues that I deal with:

Over the 10 years that I have owned my practice, I have been seeking a therapeutic approach which reliably and effectively frees people from past trauma. The demand is huge, and only limited solutions are currently available to meet this demand; most current therapy practices only achieve slow, incremental change. These current practices typically involve re-exposing clients to memories of the traumatic experience, effectively re-traumatising them.

Last year I found The Richards Trauma Process (TRTP™). I am extremely pleased with the results I’ve seen in clients whose lives were previously dominated by hopelessness and negativity. Due to the many years I have worked in the mental health field, I specialise in working with people who have diagnosed mental illnesses, including anxiety, depression, panic disorder, eating disorders, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Bipolar Affective Disorder, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. I have also worked with people who have been diagnosed with personality disorder and schizophrenia.

Many clients who have had outstanding results have been seeing psychologists and other therapists for years, in an attempt to overcome their past. It is a real pleasure to be able to help these people, many of whom have been “put in the too-hard basket”.

Several client testimonials can be seen on my website.

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Photo of Gay Vickers
Home Leopold near Geelong Vic 3224 AustraliaHome Phone: 03 5250 4333

Biographical Info

As clients contact at a time of crisis and distress, Gay’s emphasis is heartfelt understanding of the client’s inner experience and situation as the foundation for assisting.

During 30 years of practicing as a psychologist it has been Gay’s focus to keep abreast of developments to offer clients the most effective process, outcomes and change in their situation as possible.  Gay is finding taking clients through TRTP process (3 to 4 sessions) is inspiring.

Registered Psychologist with more than 30 years experience.
Training in hypnosis, gestalt, cognitive behavioural therapy, ACT, EMDR. Qualified teacher of Mindfulness and Meditation. Reiki and energy therapy.

Areas of particular interest:
Working with anxiety, depression, resolving stress and distress, grief and loss, bullying, PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder).

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OwnerCalmer For Life
Home Elwood Victoria 3184 Work Phone: 1800 918 270Cell Phone: 0419 549 368Website:

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Paul is a full member of the International Institute for Complementary Therapists. He is also an Associate of the Australian Property Institute (API) and has been an Associate of the Real Estate Institute of Victoria (REIV) for over 30 years, holding a full Estate Agents Licence. In this capacity Paul has dealt with client stresses of property management, sales, auctioneering, valuing and investment, both locally as Proprietor of his own bayside Real Estate Agency for 16 years, and nationally. His interest in assisting clients deal with their challenges in achieving their motivations extended to telephone counselling as a volunteer and trainer for many Then, when his eldest son drowned Paul had to come to terms with his own loss and grief. This involved much searching and self development, leading to changing the focus of Calmer For Life. TRTP has been the major contributor both to Paul and his clients as a trauma counsellor and hypnotherapist.


Profession: Clinical Hypnotherapist, Counsellor, Licensed Estate Agent, Registered Valuer


TRTP is an elegantly simple, yet comprehensive step-by-step process which resolves extreme trauma and trauma-related issues. It achieves results quickly, effectively and safely, generally in three sessions. It is equally effective for overcoming grief, anxiety, depression, fears, phobias, and post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), addictions, smoking and weight loss.



Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy

Certificate IV in Telephone Counselling

Certificate IV in Training and Assessment

Practitioner of Hypnotherapy – Australian Success Academy

Certified Hypnotist – The Conversational Hypnosis Academy

Certified TRTP Practitioner

NLP Practitioner Certification

Quit Cigarettes in 60 Minutes Certification



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Home Carnegie Melbourne Vic AustraliaCell Phone: 0414836654Website: Heather’s Website

Biographical Info

Heather Wilks can be a bit radical about healing. Metaphysical discoveries kept creaping up on her. She had worked in advertising as a copywriter for over 30 years. In that corporate world she hadn’t really thought much about healing. That changed when her father died suddenly just after turning 70. She began asking questions. She was shocked by the lack of answers. In spite of all the promises, there wasn’t – and still isn’t – a magic pill.

But there are other ways of healing that really do work.

She kept bumping into opportunities to train in progressive alternatives. For over 20 years Heather has been drawn to teachers with very different ways of thinking. Those who challenge the status quo. They’ve brought dramatic changes to her own life. Now she works to help others transform. To give up the things that aren’t working and reach for more out of life. Better health. Better opportunities. Better relationships. More money. More fun. Lots more fun.

Heather believes that the body was designed to heal itself. It just needs the right circumstances. She creates those by helping people release what they don’t want so that there’s space to embrace what they do want. Working with mind-body connections to bring things back into balance is more magical than a pill. And changes last.

Heather draws on a variety of healing methods, including TRTP Hypnotherapy, FasterEFT-style tapping, NLP, Advanced Pendulum Dowsing, Australian Bush Flower Essences, Reiki Sekh’m and other Metaphysical approaches. Her company is called Oh! Naturale Pty. Ltd. Confidential consultations are available in person or via Skype. See more details on Natural Therapy Pages




Stress, Physical Pain, Anxiety, Weight Issues, Addictions, Public Speaking/Performance Fears, Phobias and Trauma.

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Photo of Sally Wilson
Founder and Director at Sally Wilson HolisticsSally Wilson HolisticsTRTP™ Practitioner, Jin Shin Jyutsu® Certified Practitioner
Work Melbourne Victoria Cell Phone: 0409 666 752Website:

Biographical Info

Anxious? Depressed? Stressed? Chronically fatigued?

Tried all sorts of things? Nothing worked?

You don’t have to live like that anymore. The Richards Trauma Process™ has been a solution for thousands of people, and there’s no reason why it shouldn’t be your solution too. What a relief…

My study, training and extensive experience as an international performer, teacher and university lecturer has led me to a deep understanding of anxiety, depression, chronic fatigue and chronic stress. I understand how deeply people’s lives are affected by these conditions – both directly and indirectly. It’s a horrible way to live.

People who have come to me for help are from vastly varied areas and backgrounds, including entrepreneurs, corporate executives, stay-at-home parents, farmers, recent university graduates, artists and musicians, tradies and students. Many people come for help because the way they feel is negatively impacting their health, lives and families, some can’t function in the world at all, others come because they simply know they can be “more”, but they can’t figure out how.


Please book in for an obligation-free chat. I’m very happy to answer your questions, once you’ve had a look at the information on this website.


It would be my privilege to guide you to be the best you can be, so that you can live this life on your terms.


I help people resolve:

  • Anxiety
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Depression
  • Chronic stress
  • Panic attacks


Other specialist areas:

  • Clients who want to be, and perform at, their best. Having performed internationally as an opera singer, I understand peak performance and the drive to get there.
  • Parents and expectant parents who want their own children to be free of the trauma of their own childhoods, inter-generational trauma and addictions etc. which have run through their family.

I work with clients in-person on the Bellarine Peninsula and in Melbourne, though most of my clients prefer the convenience of working online.

There are client testimonials and case studies on my website:

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Photo of Carole Young
Carole Young and Associates Pty Ltd
Home Blue Mountains NSW AustraliaWork Phone: 0431-661-387Website:

Biographical Info

Carole’s passion is to help people take responsibility for themselves with selected interventions and support as appropriate. Her initial training was as a Physiotherapist and she has worked extensively for 35 years with the employers and insurance companies on employee workers’ compensation return to work programs and injury management. Carole identified a huge need for quick and effective trauma counselling to deal with the effects of workplace and motor vehicle accidents, depression and anxiety. Therefore, her main focus is now as a trauma practitioner using the TRTP approach to get outstanding outcomes.

Carole’s major interest is to work with clients to effectively deal with the effects of traumatic work or car accidents, where adjustment back into productive and satisfying life has been difficult due to chronic pain or PTSD. Carole is also keen to work with those who have eating disorders, having had personal experience of this condition in the past. Anyone who is ready to do what it takes to deal with the destructive effects of chronic stress and trauma is welcome.

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Photo of Ed Zahra
Principal ConsultantAccess PsychologyCLINICAL PSYCHOLOGIST and HYPNOTHERAPIST B.Com., Dip.App.Psych., Dip.Clin.Hyp., M.App.Psych., M.A.P.S
Home 43 Reordan Drive GREENWITH SA 5125 AustraliaWork Phone: 0420 553 009Website:

Biographical Info

Apart from completing double Masters-level (six year) qualifications in Clinical Psychology and Educational Psychology, Ed Zahra has also gained a Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy and a Commerce degree majoring in Economics. For you, his more than 30 years of experience means that he has almost certainly dealt with your type of problem many times already. Also, with his further training in the areas of Clinical Neuropsychology (for screening-assessments), EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitisation & Reprocessing), TRTP (The Richards Trauma Process), and Counselling Psychology, you can be confident that he is likely to have ready access to the best tools for your particular needs.

Ed has succeeded in a broad range of high level appointments. These include positions such as Officer-In-Charge of Recruitment Testing in an Army Reserve Psychology Unit, Clinical Psychologist for South Australia’s Mental Health Services to the Elderly, Senior Clinical Psychologist in charge of establishing and administering S.A.’s first Community Mental Health Unit attached to a General Hospital, founder of N.A.S.G.A.P. (The Northern Areas and Spencer Gulf Association of Psychologists), Lecturer in Psychology for the University of S.A., Clinical Psychology Consultant to S.A.’s largest Employee Assistance Scheme, and Vice President of SA’s Institute of Private Practising Psychologists.

He has also written that very useful and easy to understand book on the basic ‘nuts and bolts’ of child behaviour management called Child Behaviour Basics – less stress & more happiness for families with 2 to 9 year-olds (available via his web site so, for those of you with parenting issues, Ed can show you how to establish your place as a parent and begin to enjoy your family life.

Finally, Ed has developed a different system for providing psychological services that offers what we consider to be a higher than usual level of service resulting in a more personal and more valuable experience for you.

Areas of Interest Ed has been a clinical psychologist since 1985. He treats those with emotional self-control issues (via CBT – Cognitive Behaviour Therapy), &/or with patterns of self-sabotage and chronic distress (via TRTP – The Richards Trauma Process). Problems treated include Anxiety, Depression, Pain, Parenting, Sleep, Stress, Posttraumatic Stress, Chronic Stress, Adjustment, Mood Swings, Smoking, Fears, Phobias, Tension, Panic Attack, Headache, Aggression, Anger, Guilt, Grief, Frustration, Shyness, Abuse, unhelpful Unconscious Core Beliefs, Self-Sabotage.

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Photo of Daniel Zalcberg
DirectorKi Wellness
Home Caulfield Melbourne Vic 3162 AustraliaHome Phone: 0402 199 329Website:

Biographical Info

I have spent the last 4 years researching, studying and working with clients relentlessly to find FAST, SAFE, EFFECTIVE therapy. As a result, here you find TRTP.  TRTP helped transform my life after 17 years of being the victim of my own depression, anxiety, trauma and multiple addictions. It is through my own healing that I stand here now wanting to share the experience of what being ‘Well’ actually feels like.

Have you ever wondered what lies behind your eyes? Why you think the way you do? Why you feel the way do? Yet there doesn’t seem to be a way out…. Or maybe it sounds too good to be true?

Through my studies of hypnosis, psychology, personality theories and more I aim to share this experience of change from within.

Since learning TRTP, I Have become dedicated to sharing this therapy and experience with as many people as I can, so they can experience the TRUE life they want to live.

Call me…

Issues I deal with (specialty or interest): Stress, Anxiety, Depression, PTSD, Addiction, Self Esteem, Anger & Rage, Self Esteem, Personality Disorders, Smoking Cessation

Profession:  Clinical Hypnotherapist

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Ki Wellness
Home Malvern East, Melbourne Vic 3146 Work Phone: 0412 524 484Website:

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I have extensive experience working with both Deaf and Hearing children, adolescents, couples and families. This experience encompasses working with children, adolescents and adults who present with ADHD, ASD, learning difficulties, cognitive impairments, various syndromes and other disabilities. I also work with clients who suffer from PTSD, Depression, Anxiety and Personality Disorders.


TRTP has transformed my whole approach to working with my clientele. My approach is to look at the unconscious core beliefs and explore what is driving the behaviours rather than only focusing on behaviour management. TRTP has enhanced the speed in which I get positive outcomes and results.


After having first -hand experience with mental health facilities over the last 20 years and experiencing the inadequacies of our Mental Health System, TRTP has provided me with a cutting edge, fast, safe and effective tool which doesn’t retraumatise the client.


TRTP can truly change people’s lives from feelings of anxiety, depression and being disempowered to being motivated and in control of their lives – in 3 sessions!


Specialty or Interest: Depression, Anxiety, Stress, Trauma, PTSD, Family Therapy, ADHD, ASD, Borderline Personality Disorder, Children & Adolescent, Hearing Impairment.


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Photo of Dr Tracey Zielinski
Director at Resource Psychology
Work Suite 2, 110 Sutton Street Redcliffe Qld 4020 Cell Phone: 0414519481Website:

Biographical Info

Clinical Psychologist and Clinical Neuropsychologist

Fully registered as a Psychologist in Queensland since 2001, and obtained PhD in Clinical Psychology and Clinical Neuropsychology through the University of Queensland in 2006. Member of the Australian Psychological Society and registered with the Psychologists Board of Australia as a Clinical Psychologist and Clinical Neuropsychologist.

Registered with the Psychologists Board of Australia to supervise (at all levels) fellow psychologists and psychology students in the areas of Clinical Psychology and Clinical Neuropsychology.

As a Clinical Psychologist, I work exclusively with adults and older adults with a variety of mental health issues, specializing in areas such as trauma (including post-traumatic stress disorder), anxiety and panic, stress, adjustment disorders, depression, and grief and loss. I also have particular expertise working with individuals with chronic health conditions, including chronic pain; and adults and older adults with an acquired brain injury or other cognitive difficulties.


Areas of Interest

Trauma, anxiety, panic, stress, adjustment disorders, depression, grief and loss.

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