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Linda Philip

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Home Park Orchards Health and Wellbeing Center 584 Park Rd Park Orchards Melbourne Vic 3114 AustraliaHome Phone: 0417 106 306Website:

Biographical Info

I graduated from RMIT as a Mental Health Social Worker in 1995 and have been in private practice for 17 years as a Counselor and psychotherapist.

My purpose became clear when I began my own self development journey in 1990. I became a seeker of the most effective techniques for healing and change to enable effective transformation for my clients.

I am a Master practitioner of EFT, Theta Healing & Reference Point therapy. A practitioner of Faster EFT, Thought Field Therapy(TFT)Neuro-linguistic programming(NLP). Fast track hypnosis, Bars Access consciousness & Tapas acupressure technique.(TAT) Most recently TRTP.

In 2011 I ran a world wide Tele-summit interviewing teachers of Powerful transformational processes from around the world. I work off and on- line offering my 1:1 therapy & past group programs: Fearless Success, Take Weight off your Mind and the Self Belief Bootcamp.


Issues I deal with:
Anxiety and depression. Low self- esteem. Abuse/bullying. Weight/food/body Image. Money & Success. Perfectionism/high achieving pressure. Feeling stuck/overwhelmed. Addictions. Fears and unwanted limiting beliefs.

It is my life purpose to facilitate core transformation in the lives of those who want to free themselves from patterns of suffering, realize their full potential and live their dream life. You have all the answers, I simply guide you to finding them. Whatever your issue, it is a culmination of your life experience and past events, and with new understandings of epigenetics, trauma can also be passed down generationally.
As your sabotaging core beliefs are changed and trauma is cleared a new future can naturally evolve and you can begin to thrive.

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