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Lizzie Spencer

Photo of Lizzie Spencer
Owner/DirectorElizabeth Spencer and Empathy CoachingPsychotherapy, Counselling, Coaching, Teaching, Facilitation
Home Avalon Beach Sydney NSW Work Phone: 0414904658Website:

Biographical Info

I am highly qualified in psychotherapy, coaching, education and social ecology.; with a range of degrees, diplomas and certificates. I have been working in education for over 30 years and have been in private practice as a therapist and coach for 10. Please see my website to find out more.

Empowerment at home and work, psychotherapy for pain/upset/disturbance in life (we all have this, working on it disappears it faster and frees you), feeling happier, being more effective and creative.

Imagine when sand irritates an oyster and then becomes a pearl. Your struggles, when worked with by skilled therapist or coach, start to transform you. Not only do you find solutions, but you become stronger, with more access to your own wisdom and unique talents. Trauma affects everything. It is insidiously in the background. The earlier you heal trauma, the better. Step up and get the guidance you need, to transform.


Areas of Interest

Trauma, pain, disturbance in life.

Categories: New South Wales, Practitioners