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Karen Corbett

Karen Corbett

Effective Trauma Therapy

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Trauma Therapist

Certified in TRTP, Master EFT Practitioner, EFT for Trauma, Clinical EFT, Matrix ReImprinting, Positive EFT, Currently certifying in Havening

Complex Trauma, Women's Trauma, Ethical Empowerment, Creativity

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(042) 578-7676
(042) 578-7676

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Over the last 30 years Karen has worked with survivors of trauma in different roles. Initially, as a result of her plays and short stories about women, children and trauma, she was invited to speak at schools and deliver workshops on resilience to community groups. This culminated in an invitation to create a journal writing course for sole parents who were struggling with the effects of physical and sexual abuse. Gradually she developed a small practice working individually with people who had experienced all kinds of trauma. Karen enhanced this work by incorporating movement and vocal techniques from her theatre practice to access trauma trapped in the body. It was only later when researching trauma for her PhD in Trauma Studies and Theatre that she discovered that many of the techniques used in these therapies originally came from theatre.
The latest trauma research reveals that trauma is stored in the body, not the event so therapies that rely on a conscious approach, such as talk therapy, can help us gain perspective on our experience but they can’t clear the felt sense of burden and chaos that lives in the body. While our conscious minds can try and steer us away from situations and people we know are harmful, only trauma therapies that target trauma where it’s stored – in the body – can clear the heaviness and felt sense of distress that lives in the body.
While researching trauma therapies as part of her PhD, Karen discovered therapies that really work and decided to study the new therapies instead of completing her PhD. Initially she studied EFT, six different types, then studied Havening and The Richards Trauma Process (TRTP). These therapies are the most effective and rapid trauma treatments available. They work in subtle and inventive ways to access and release trauma from the body where it is trapped, and significantly reduce therapy time, often only 3 sessions are required. Not only do they clear the current burden of pain and distress but entirely remove the patterns of traumatic shock that keep us hooked into behaviours, experiences and people that hurt us. After these therapies we just stop gravitating to them. All of this done gently without retraumatising, leaving us truly free.
If you want to know more or make a booking please contact Karen.
Owner/Manager at Effective Trauma Therapy & KarenCorbettEFT
Phone: 0425 787 676
Area: Online – everywhere
TRTP Trauma Therapist
EFT Master Practitioner & EFT for PTSD & Trauma & EFT Trainer
Matrix ReImprinting
Havening Practitioner
B.A. Hons, (Uni Melb)
Workshop facilitator for the community sector and community groups: Mythic Transformations; Deep Listening – Deep Communication; Authentic Presence.
Lecturer in Creative Writing V.C.A. & University of Melbourne (1998 – 2008)
Founded the first undergraduate course in Script Writing for Theatre (V.C.A. & Uni Melb)
Chair National Stage Committee Australian Writers Guild 1994-1996
Developed the first course in Theatre Directing at the CAE (Melb).
Vice President EFTAP (EFT Australasian Practitioners)
Mentor to a generation of writers, theatre-makers and EFT practitioners
PTSD; Women’s Trauma; Rebooting Creativity; Ethical Empowerment

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