For health practitioners that are interested in learning how TRTP will resolve client’s trauma

Fran Nguyen

Fran Nguyen


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Counsellor and TRTP Practitioner

RN, Dip Ophth. M. Counselling. Dip D&A and Co-Morbidities

PTSD, Addictions, Domestic Violence

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Fran is a counsellor and nurse and has lived and worked in both Hong Kong and Australia, before returning to the UK.

She is excited to work with a variety of clients here in the UK… and is able to do all sessions online. Clients have ranged from those with addiction issues, to those with anxiety and depression… results have been amazing, this stuff works! Her latest client was amazed to see how much she had changed in just 6 weeks! Anxiety levels had dropped to zero! Confidence levels had risen and she had gained new vision and direction! New jobs were on her horizon!

Fran is able to take bookings now….message her on:

Whilst in Hong Kong she worked with the Vietnamese Boat People and also with St Stephens Society, helping those with addiction issues, get off the streets, and get their lives back.

In Australia, she was married to a Vietnamese Boat person for 23 years, and has three wonderful boys, who are now living on 3 different continents! She is currently living in the UK housekeeping for her elderly father and helping others through the TRTP process.

She is also an author and has written a book entitled: Matters of Life, 10 Keys to make your Life Matter.


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