The Richards Trauma Process Training Program

The Richards Trauma Process resolves trauma related issues – quickly, safely and effectively, generally in 3 sessions. These trauma-related issues include PTSD, anxiety, depression etc.

The TRTP practitioner training consists of an initial intensive 8 week program, followed by 3 months of hands-on, very close support in your clinical work, using TRTP with clients.

Attending The Richards Trauma Process training program will fully equip you with all the skills and expertise which you require in order to achieve very significant outcomes.

The Richards Trauma Process program is best suited for use by experienced mental health practitioners with mature, genuine intent to support their clients.

Judith Richards, creator of The Richards Trauma Process

The Richards Trauma Process Training Program Outline

Client Sessions & Online Learning

Delivery: Flexible
Attendance: Mandatory
Duration: 2 x 2 hours for TRTP Sessions 1 and 2;   3 weeks for online learning
Time: By agreed appointment with your Mentor.

Students receive access to the online learning portal for completion prior to the 3-day workshop at the end of Week 3.
Students receive 2 x one-on-one TRTP sessions with their assigned mentor.
This enables the student to experience the power of The Richards Trauma Process exactly as their future clients will.
This is not a scenario-based session – you will be working on your own issues.
These sessions may be done face to face or via video conferencing.

  • In this module, you will be introduced to TRTP by your mentor who will take you through your own one-on-one personal TRTP Sessions 1 & 2. You will experience the process exactly as your future clients will experience it. You will work on your own issues. It is only in experiencing TRTP in regard to our own issues that we understand the power and the possibilities of it.
  • These two sessions will be at a time to suit both you and your Mentor.
  • Sessions may be delivered either face to face or via Zoom.
  • Each of the two sessions will last up to 2 hours.
  • Many students come away from these sessions with a whole new perspective in regard to approaching their clients.
  • You will experience TRTP in action, in these personalised sessions.
  • Our graduates report that the TRTP training program is transformative – professionally AND personally. These personal sessions are part of that transformative process.

3-day Intensive Workshop
By the end of this Workshop, students WILL be able to use TRTP with their clients, whilst being supported by their Mentor.

Delivery: Online via Zoom
Attendance: Mandatory
Duration: Three days
Time: 9 – 4.30pm Qld Time

Learner-centered workshop – including engaging presentations, experiential learner to learner interaction, small group formats.

You will be advised and supported by Judith Richards and a team of Mentors.

Day 1: overview of TRTP; changing subconscious core beliefs
Day 2: Session 2 of TRTP
Day 3: Session 2 continued, and introduction to Session 3

Extensive training materials will be provided during the training program.

  • This module consists of three days of online experiential workshop
  • Each day begins at 9.00am and concludes at 4.30pm.
  • Throughout each day you will be taught the powerful tools which, when brought together, form the TRTP structured process. TRTP is being used with a broad spectrum of trauma-related issues such as PTSD, anxiety, depression, fears and phobias etc. The range of issues which TRTP can address is still increasing as practitioners explore and experiment with the capabilities of TRTP.
  • Connect, learn and be supported in this content-rich workshop. Those who join us are amazingly talented people, each seeking more effective, faster, safer methods to resolve mental health issues.
  • You will be provided first class support by Judith Richards, by your Mentor, and our team. 
  • By the end of this workshop you WILL be able to take TRTP and use it with your clients, with the support of your Mentor.

Webinar Series

Delivery: Flexible
Attendance: Preferable, however recordings are provided.
Duration: 5 x 2 hours
Time: 11am-1pm AEST – Please note QLD time zone and daylight saving changes.
Location: Online
Training materials – videos, audios and text are provided, covering a range of subjects.

  • Once a week, for 5 weeks, you will attend a highly interactive two hour online video conference. This call occurs on a Friday, commencing at 10.00am Queensland Australia time.
  • During this module you will be working with your clients whilst supported by your Mentor.
  • During the conference calls there is on-going comprehensive training in TRTP.
  • Within these conference calls, Judith Richards will be offering training and advice.  This is a very information-rich segment of the course, creating a stimulating and thorough learning experience for all who attend.
  • Your Mentor will evaluate your 1st and 10th TRTP Client’s Session 1 and Session 2 Records. Once deemed to be competent in the methodology and practice of TRTP, you will complete the course and receive your Certificate.
  • You are then eligible as a TRTP Practitioner to become a fully fledged Practitioner Member and advertise on the practitioner Directory on our website. 

The Power of Community

Delivery: Flexible
Duration: 18 x 1 hours
Attendance: Preferable, however recordings are provided.
Time: 9.00am-10.00am AEDT (please note time changes during Daylight Savings).
Location: Online – The 1 hour video conference is held weekly on Zoom.

During this 18 weeks you will be required to use TRTP in its original form maintaining consistency of delivery.

  • Once a week you will attend a one-hour online video conference. This call is held on a Friday, commencing at 9:00am Sydney Australia time (AEDT).
  • During the conference calls, there is on-going professional development in TRTP drawing on the wisdom of the collective community.
  • Facilitated by Judith Richards and/or one of the Senior Mentors, within these conference calls you will be discussing your own questions and client-related issues as well as those of your fellow practitioners – all learning from each other’s experiences. Our Community of TRTP practitioners generously engage to offer a wealth of experience and wisdom. In these calls, there is the opportunity to create real depth and richness of understanding regarding trauma, trauma-related issues and the use of TRTP with different types of clients presenting with different issues.
  • Our Community of TRTP Practitioners generously engage to offer a wealth of experience and wisdom. This is a very information-rich segment of the course. 

Completion of the TRTP Training Program is just the beginning…

  • At the completion of the TRTP Training Program, new graduates are not left to ‘just get on with it.’ Instead, each new graduate who is fully engaged is generally invited to become a full member of the TRTP Practitioner Community. Here, the full power and combined wisdom of the entire community is engaged in the support of all practitioners, creating best strategies for client issues, whilst constantly reinforcing each others’ efforts. Isolation is eliminated within the TRTP Practitioner Community. TRTP practitioners report that this warm and generous on-going support and learning is one of the most outstanding and valuable aspects of TRTP training.
  • Upon joining as full members of the TRTP Practitioner Community, new graduates are invited to become Members of TRTP and as such are welcome to their own listing on the online TRTP Practitioners Directory.
  • TRTP practitioners come together in a regular one-hour weekly online video conference to engage in discussions around cases, aspects of TRTP and professional issues.
  • The practitioners also come together in our private online forum which operates 24/7, in which client issues, particularly ‘tricky’ cases are further discussed. If a practitioner has a complex case or question, peer assistance is readily available. Egos are left at the door.  Every practitioner feels safe to ask for assistance.
  • Access to our growing library of resources is available to every TRTP Practitioner Community member
  • Other possibilities are unfolding for members of the TRTP Community which include becoming mentors, teachers, and additional support roles such as research.
Trauma counselling training program
Trauma therapy training course
Training trauma therapists in the art of TRTP

Find Out More

Free Q&A Session.

Obtain your copy of the free Information Pack, and find out more about the training course, pricing details, the enrolment process, act now to take advantage of a free, no obligation, 20 minute Q&A call with Judith Richards.
Group training program in trauma counselling

Be warned – this state of the art trauma training WILL change your life.

Our graduates report this training to be transformative – personally, as well as professionally.

Hear what our graduates have to say Are the client outcomes real?

Dr Dominique Hannah, Psychiatrist

‘I have looked all around the world for the answer to trauma. I heard Judith Richards present at the AHA and everything inside me said ‘YES, this is it!’ This process ticks all the boxes and it’s SAFE!’ .

PJ – Paramedic

‘The Richards Trauma Process training program is extremely hard hitting, straight to the point and it brings you from an amateur level right to a professional level.’

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